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updated 06/22/1992 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 06/22/1992 AT 01:00 AM EDT


Last month, in PEOPLE'S annual 50 Most Beautiful People issue, Christian Laettner, the 22-year-old college basketball star who led Duke University to its second straight NCAA title, confessed to regularly watching MTV for a glimpse of Karen Duffy, the veejay known as Duff. ("I love her smile and crazy dimples," he burbled.)

Now, Laettner has seen Duff up close and personal: The two recently had dinner at a trendy Manhattan restaurant. It doesn't appear, however, that Laettner won Duffy away from her steady, Whit, a member of the Ugly Kid Joe rock group....

Actress Leigh Taylor-Young (ex-Mrs. Ryan O'Neal) has taken up residence with rocker Dave Mason in Los Angeles....

Nebraska Sen. Bob Kerrey's presidential prospects have been extinguished, but a new flame has been lit. She's Lisa Schmid, 38, a TV producer from Cambridge, Mass., who met Kerrey via a mutual friend. "Yes, I've been seeing him for a while," says Schmid, adding that both "enjoy literature and the outdoors."

What about Kerrey and Debra Winger? They haven't been seen together in public lately.


What's up with Axl Rose? Last week, during a concert in Paris, the Guns N' Roses star got downright vicious about Warren Beatty, referring to him as "an old man who likes to live vicariously through young people and suck up all their life because he has none of his own....

A man who uses you, uses the media and uses everybody to fulfill his f———parasitic needs."

Although there has been printed speculation that Rose's view of Beatty comes filtered through the eyes of his current steady, model Stephanie Seymour, an ex-Beatty flame, a spokesperson for Geffen Records, Rose's record label, dismisses Rose's rant as just another example of Axl's excitability. "If we worried every time Axl did a tirade, that's all we would do," says the rep.

Julia Roberts, Richard Gere and director Garry Marshall, all of whom worked on Pretty Woman, haven't committed yet, but that hasn't stopped Disney from forging ahead with plans for a PW sequel. According to a source, Disney has commissioned not one but two Pretty Woman II scripts. The source says that by hiring two people, Disney has, in effect, "created a competitive situation between two writers, believing it will bring the best out in each."


When football star turned actor Lyle Alzado died of brain cancer on May 14 at age 43, his wife, Kathy, was at his side. His family, however, was not.

Now, Alzado's elder brother, Peter, is claiming that Kathy, Lyle's fourth wife, kept the family, including Lyle's mother and son Justin, 10, from the dying man's bedside during his final months.

Peter contends that Kathy never even called relatives with word of Alzado's death. They heard about it on radio and TV broadcasts.

Kathy's spokesperson says, "Whatever she did, she was carrying out Lyle's wishes."

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