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updated 06/29/1992 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 06/29/1992 AT 01:00 AM EDT


IF YOU'RE YOUNG, WITH TIME ON your hands and melodrama on your mind, summer is the perfect season to get involved in a soap. This time of year, all the serials focus on their more youthful cast members, hoping to snare the hordes of college and high school age viewers at home. For those who haven't kept up with the plot lines during the academic year, here are six flash-card descriptions of characters who will step to the front of their shows starting in July. Notice how many involve daytime's favorite geometric figure: the love triangle.

All My Children. Wimp turned playboy Charlie Brent is coming back to Pine Valley. Of course the always manipulative Erica (Susan Lucci) will use the return of her former flame to advance her still secret romance with Euro-tycoon Dimitri (Michael Nader). Making his daytime debut July 13 as the fourth actor to play Charlie is a Kennedy cousin, 36-year-old Chistopher Lawford (above).

As the World Turns. The itinerant handyman Hutch (Judson Mills, left) has finally found a home at (where else?) the Snyder farm. But the lubricious student Tess (Parker Posey), who has been getting increasingly fixated on this bare-chested barn ornament, will gel more than a little cranky when she notices her handsome boy toy making hayloft eyes at reformed runaway and fellow farm resident Roseanna (Yvonne Perry ).

Santa Barbara. Spirited teen Lilly (Paula Irvine, above) will get really incensed with campus Casanova Rafe (Robert Fontaine) when she discovers that his onetime dalliance with Lisa (Bridgette Wilson) may result in a baby. This follows Rafe's AIDS scare. Lisa is being counseled by the duplicitous Rich (Lonnie Quinn), who has his own designs on Lilly. We'll find out if the rabbit died on July 10.

General Hospital. It will lake the sober but secretive Karen (Cari Shayne, above) some time to recover from the humiliation of this week's run-in with her drunken mom during a party at the Quartermaine mansion. She better get over it by Independence Day when she will be thrown together with both of her very antagonistic suitors, bad boy Jagger (Antonio Sabato) and preppie rich kid Jason (Steve Burton), in very trying circumstances.

The Bold and the Beautiful. The boys are really buzzing around fashion designer Felicia (Colleen Dion, right). Sly (Brent Jasmer), a bartender at the summer's hot hangout, the Bikini Bar, wants to serenade her every time she walks into the joint. But Sly isn't as fervid as his buddy Zach (Michael Watson), the Bikini Bar's mysterious manager, who actually threw himself in front of Felicia's car to meet her. Ouch, that's amore, or at least what passes for it in the world of soaps.

Days of Our Lives. Young rebel Tanner (Michael Easton, below) is about to get hit with the double whammy. At about the same time that his girlfriend Molly (Shannon Sturges) tells him about this week's ugly sexual incident with Gavin (Daniel Pilon) at the cabin, he also discovers more about his mother's suicide. The combination makes Tanner go bananers.

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