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Correspondents scoffed at Princess Stephanie's declaration of her own maturity since becoming pregnant by boyfriend Daniel Ducruet (PEOPLE, June 15). "Unfortunately," wrote one, "titles are bestowed and not earned. Stephanie's life is one of total self-indulgence."

Are you set on proving Dan Quayle's allegation that the media glorify the irresponsibility of unwed motherhood? I'm having trouble believing that Princess Stephanie is "mature" and "responsible" when she chooses to have a baby by some guy who has fathered another illegitimate child and still can't keep his pants zipped.
MARY R. MCCLURE, Lubbock, Tex.

"A baby is going to emerge from that lovely little belly"? What a pity nothing intelligent has yet emerged from that lovely little brain.
SUSAN GERARD, North York, Out.

One more embarrassment for Monaco. Stephanie falls for another loser.

Bravo to Dick Randall for his stance regarding senseless destruction of "predatory" animals. Who do the people at the Animal Damage Control Agency think they're kidding? Sounds to me like they and livestock ranchers are the true predators. Coyotes, foxes and bears kill for survival. Maybe these ranchers need to better protect their property instead of expecting tax dollars to pay for the slaughter of innocent animals.

Before you are deluged by animal-loving mail regarding the "mass extermination of wildlife," I'd like to offer a little perspective on the Animal Damage Control Agency. When my husband and I started in the sheep business 10 years ago, I too thought it was cruel to hire trappers and kill coyotes. I thought, "What's a couple of lambs here and there? Coyotes have to eat too!" The reality was that we had 25 or more dead lambs a night, and if you on consider that each of those lambs is worth about $80 to $90 when grown, our loss per day exceeded $2,000. I ask animal lovers: Can jour business withstand a steady drain of assets such as this? The American sheep producer survives on a very thin margin of profit, when there is a profit. I assure you the survival of the industry depends on predator control.
TONI RUDNICK, Bakersfield, Calif.

Thank heavens for enlightened, caring people like Dick Randall. When will the U.S. government finally wake up to the fact that steel leghold traps cause excruciating pain and suffering to animals and can no longer be tolerated? Maybe if one of the bureaucrats had to endure the pain of a leghold trap for a few minutes, they would come to their senses!

I felt so elated to read your article on Colonel Cammermeyer. The more gays in high-level positions who come out, the more the walls of ignorance and prejudice crumble, by making it clear that we are everywhere. There are millions of people standing behind you, Margarethe. Bless you for pulling yourself on the front lines of the gay and lesbian war.

Reading about Colonel Cammermeyer's involuntary discharge from the National Guard for admitting privately to the Army that she is a lesbian moved me deeply. I admire her courage and honesty. I hope that the bill to end discrimination against gays in the military passes. In honor of your long and distinguished service, Colonel, this captain salutes you.
TINA CARDNER, M.D., Capt., MC, USAR, Stony Brook, N.Y.

As a resident of Connecticut who did not vote for our Governor, Lowell Weicker, I am once again amazed at his arrogance. He describes former President Nixon as "a totally unprincipled individual with not a shred of idealism and absolutely no respect for the American people." Perhaps Mr. Weicker is confusing Mr. Nixon with himself. When he was running for Governor in 1990, he stated that imposing an income tax on the citizens of Connecticut would be like "pouring gasoline on a fire." He was barely sworn in and sure enough, we now have an income lax.
JILL SPIGAROLO, Milford, Conn.

When I read about how financially successful most of the Watergate conspirators have become, I learned a sad lesson: Crime does pay.

Thank you so much for your powerful piece on the items left at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial over the years (PEOPLE, June 1). You failed, however, to mention that the exhibit scheduled to open at the Smithsonian on Oct. 27 might never be seen by anyone. Private contributions of $200,000 must first be raised. Beyond the Wall, a nonprofit group of Vietnam veterans and their friends, has raised $60,000 so far. Every penny goes toward the exhibit. Not a cent goes to salaries. Please complete the magnificent piece you published by letting your readers know they can send their tax-deductible contributions to: Beyond the Wall, P.O. Box 221616, Chantilly, Va. 22022
MARVIN J. FREEDMAN, Chair, Government Affairs, Wisconsin State Council, Vietnam Veterans of America, Madison, Wis.

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