updated 10/15/1990 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 10/15/1990 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Comedian Rodney Dangerfield, getting some if not all of the respect he asked for, was awarded $725,000 by a Las Vegas jury for injuries suffered when his eyes were seared in a steam bath at Caesars Palace this past March. Danger-field, who used the steam room immediately after each performance at Caesars, had filed for $5 million, plus $45,000 for each of five missed shows. The jury dismissed the resort's $100,000 countersuit, which alleged that Dangerfield, 67, had used drugs. Dangerfield denied the allegation. "It was clearly their fault," says Dangerfield, "and when I had first-degree burns on my lids and couldn't see out of my eyes, they wouldn't pay me for shows I couldn't do. What compassion! I've worked Vegas for 20 years and never missed a show. They had no case, so they blasted me about alcohol and cocaine abuse, which wasn't true. My right eye is still suffering. 'Now the comedian feels vindicated. "I took on the mighty Caesar, and Caesar got stabbed."

Alberto Moravia, 82, Italy's best-read 20th-century author, died of natural causes in Rome on Sept. 26. In more than two dozen works of fiction (including Two Women) and essays, the sometimes cantankerous writer examined alienation, moral corruption and sexuality—and often landed on the Vatican's list of forbidden books.... Lawrence F. O'Brien Jr., the shrewd political strategist who shaped John F. Kennedy's senatorial (1952 and 1958) and presidential (1960) races, died of cancer Sept. 28 in New York City at 73. O'Brien later became a crucial link between Lyndon Johnson and Congress, helping to pass the Civil Rights Act of 1964. He served as Democratic national chairman when the committee's Watergate headquarters were burglarized.... Gen. Curtis E. LeMay, 83, the World War II hero and Air Force chief of staff who championed nuclear weaponry, died Oct. 1 of a heart attack. During the Vietnam War, "Old Iron Pants"" suggested that the U.S. bomb the North Vietnamese "back into the Stone Age."

Impishly demented actor Gary Oldman, 32, and seductively waifish actress Uma Thurman, 20, revealed that they were married recently, although the sly stars have managed to keep secret the specifics of where, when and how. Oldman, last seen in Chattahoochee, is appearing in State of Grace with Sean Penn. Thurman, who was ravished and ravishing in Dangerous Liaisons, stars as author Henry Miller's wife June in Henry & June, the film whose original X rating nudged the Motion Picture Association of America into creating the new NC-17 designation—for no children under 17.

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