Picks and Pans Review: David Cassidy

updated 10/29/1990 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 10/29/1990 AT 01:00 AM EST

David Cassidy

Somewhere in this great land the following conversation may well be taking place:

DAUGHTER, AGE 12: "Mom, I bought this really neat record today. It kind of sounds like a Bon Jovi record. And the guy who does the singing and plays the guitar is just as dreamy as Kip Winger."

MOTHER: "That's nice, dear. I remember when I was your age, and there was this really cute boy who played guitar and sang in a famous band. He even had a TV show, about a really cute family that played guitars and sang in the same famous band."

DAUGHTER: "This new guy isn't on TV, but he does a lot of songs that are real cool, Mom. I mean, all the girls are really going to like him. He can really jam on his power ballads, like 'Lyin' to Myself." Kind of like Whitesnake. And I bet every radio station in town plays this rocker, 'Labor of Love.' The boys will groove to it like they did to Night Ranger."

MOTHER: "Boy, this really takes me back. I remember this boy I listened to used to play these nice, mainstream love songs that were fun to listen to on my transistor radio. Those tunes were probably pretty bad but, hey, when you're young, who cares? As long as it had a good beat even your parents wouldn't mind listening to, right? So who is this guy you like, anyway?"

DAUGHTER: "His name is David Cassidy. Who was it you liked, Mom?"

MOTHER: "Well, this is strange. His name was David Cassidy."

DAUGHTER: "Hey, cool! Say, Mom, what's a transistor radio?" (Enigma)

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