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updated 11/26/1990 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 11/26/1990 AT 01:00 AM EST


A few years ago it would have been considered blasphemous in Hollywood to even insinuate that muscle-bound Arnold Schwarzenegger was a bigger screen attraction than America's most serious blond, Robert Redford. But today it's practically a moot point: Schwarzenegger is 43 with worldwide box-office appeal and a continuing flow of new films. Redford is 10 years his elder and seems to appear in movies less frequently than America votes for a President. Now Schwarzenegger and Redford will square off against each other, as each has a Universal movie coming out in time for the Christmas season.

Redford's new film, Havana, a romantic drama set in 1958 during the Cuban revolution, opens wide on Dec. 14. Schwarzenegger's Kindergarten Cop, a comedy about a police detective who meets his match in the 5-year-olds he encounters while undercover as a kindergarten teacher, opens throughout the country one week later.

Our contacts, both within and outside of Universal, say Redford's movie will need more than just a one-week head start. One source even describes Havana's impending arrival as "stillborn," industry-speak for what may be an early box-office death. According to a Universal spokesperson, there have been no test screenings of Havana.

Kindergarten Cop, meanwhile, has "tested through the roof" at screenings, says the same spokesperson, who asks that we not read anything more into that. "These are our two big Christmas films," he says. "They are both getting the big push with advertising, promotion and publicity."


Being about girls, this item may not be of much interest to the small boys who are the primary fans of those hardshell heroes, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Still, the kids ought to know that actress Judith Hoag, 26, is out of a job.

Hoag, who had the distinction of being the only female featured in last spring's surprise hit movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, has been replaced by another actress in the Turtle sequel, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Secret of the Ooze, currently shooting in Wilmington, N.C. Her character, April O'Neil, will now be played by Paige Turco, who has been portraying Melanie Cortlandt on ABC's All My Children soap opera since 1988.

A rep for the Turtles production says Hoag was replaced because "her schedule did not work out with ours."

Hoag would not comment, but a source close to her says she and the producers fell out over how many clams the Turtle producers would pay her for the sequel.


Like Victor Kiam, the businessman who says in commercials that he bought the Remington shaver company because he liked the product, Cher has just gone out and done the same thing.

In the 44-year-old Cher's case, though, it wasn't an electric razor that captured her fancy. Nope, our Cher has gone out and bought Jeunesse, a company that manufactures a line of skin care products.

Introduced to Jeunesse products by her makeup man, Leonard Engelman, Cher claims she has been regularly using the Jeunesse facial mask since she starred, coincidentally, in the 1985 movie Mask.

Until now, Jeunesse has been sold primarily at trade beauty shows and health stores for between $4 and $30, depending upon the product. But with Cher set to begin filming her first commercials for the skin care line next month in Los Angeles, we can safely predict a wider distribution by next year.

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