Signaling Their Impending Marital Vows, Jane Fonda and Ted Turner Pick Something Up at Tiffany's—and It's Not Breakfast

updated 11/26/1990 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 11/26/1990 AT 01:00 AM EST

Just last spring, as the public was reeling from the disclosure of the Jane Fonda-Ted Turner romantic merger, the actress-aerobicist herself seemed a trifle tentative about the affair. "We're not going steady," she said. "People who know us say that we are two people who will enjoy each other—for as long as it lasts."

Well, color her caution gone with the wind, for it now appears that the Turner-Fonda union is being booked till death do them part. On Election Day, as Fonda's ex-husband Tom Hayden faced the crushing defeat of his California environmental initiative, Big Green, Turner was shelling out some green of his own at the new Tiffany store in Beverly Hills, where he and Fonda picked out an opal (her favorite gem) engagement ring, with two diamonds thrown on for good measure.

But let it not be said that the couple is foolishly rushing in. Turner, 52, will not slip the ring onto Fonda's finger until Dec. 21, the day she turns 53. And her publicist says the couple will not wed before June, when Fonda and Hayden's son, Troy, graduates from high school. Nevertheless both exercise and TV studios are abuzz with rumors of a possible Christmas Day ceremony at his Montana ranch.

Though both have flitted around the block a few times (and down the aisle, twice each), together they bill and coo like young lovebirds. "They're inseparable, very hand-holding," says talk show host and Turner pal Larry King, whose own power nuptials to businesswoman Julie Alexander just went bust (see Up Front, page 50). Miraculously, as Fonda and Turner travel the world promoting their individual ventures, they seem to have avoided any clashes of ego. "One doesn't overshadow the other," observes Julie Alexander King. "When she has her moments in the sun, he steps aside, and she does the same for him." Their high-profile marriage promises also to be a high-flying one, with the couple jetting between his offices in Atlanta, her home in Santa Monica and his 131,000 acres in Bozeman, Mont., not far from the spread owned by Jane's brother Peter. "We are thrilled," gushes Becky Fonda, Peter's wife. "It's a match made in heaven."

Heaven forbid, but the once-womanizing Turner is exhibiting telltale symptoms of lovesickness. Before dating Fonda "he was devoted to business," says a source close to the tycoon. "Now I'd say he's devoted to her. And he has less interest in his sports teams. He still owns them, but he's not as avidly interested as he used to be." Score that Fonda: 1, Hawks and Braves: 0.

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