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originally published 12/10/1990 AT 01:00 AM EST

Fleetwood Mac founder and drummer MICK FLEETWOOD writes openly in his new autobiography, Fleetwood, about his love affair in the late 1970s with singer STEVIE NICKS. "I think he explained our relationship in the book pretty well," says Nicks, 42. 'I've had three great loves in my life, and Mick's one of them. I still love him, and my memories of that time with him are incredible....It's almost like we never did break up." Asked if she could envision a day when Mick and she would reunite romantically (Fleetwood has been married to ex-model SARA RECOR for two years), Nicks, who is single these days, says, "Maybe when we're real old. It's possible. I'll always love Mick. It's a wild thing to say, but no one could ever take that away from me."

"Most of your best work is done when you're younger, between 18 and 25, "says singer GRAHAM NASH, now a grand old man of pop music at age 48. Nash, currently hosting a topical chat show, The Inside Track with Graham Nash, on the Arts & Entertainment cable network, says, "I don't know why that is, but I think it's a natural happening. I spent many years thinking that I was no good because I was still alive. That's pretty wild, eh? I just thought that because I'd been around so long that maybe I wasn't as great as I thought—that if I were really great, I'd have burned out in a flash like Hendrix or Moms on. And I realized that was all b———-after I passed the age at which my father died, which was 46. It made me realize that I wasn't cursed and that I had to get on with life the best I could."

Despite working with some of Hollywood's best-looking guys, actress NANCY TRAVIS has few illusions about reel-life spillover. "It's very intense when you work, but when it ends, the spell is broken," says Travis, 28, who plays the mom in Three Men and a Little Lady with STEVE GUTTENBERG, TED DANSON and TOM SEL-LECK. "It's not necessarily something that makes you lifetime companions." Other hunky Travis co-stars include MEL GIBSON in Air America, RICHARD GERE in Internal Affairs and ALEC BALDWIN, with whom she shared a bathtub, in Married to the Mob. In general, she finds, Hollywood ain't what it seems. "You want to trust the people you're working with, but they really don't care about you, they only care about the picture. When a director says, 'Trust me/ I've learned to immediately put up my guard."

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