Picks and Pans Review: You Take the Kids

updated 12/17/1990 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 12/17/1990 AT 01:00 AM EST

CBS (Saturdays, 8 P.M. ET)


Move over, Roseanne. Move way over, in fact, since this boisterous new blue-collar comedy stars the very substantial Nell (Gimme a Break) Carter and Roger E. (Magnum, P.I.) Moseley as a black, Pittsburgh working-class couple—he's a school bus driver—with four children.

The domesticom presents a sweetly loving relationship between the principals, but it goes offtrack when they have to deal with children. Then the tone turns snide. The oldest of their brood (Dante Beze) is the best-drawn character. Depth diminishes chronologically with Caryn Ward. Marlon Taylor and Trent Cameron (again).

At least Moseley gets some good lines. Ruminating on a vacation, he says, "I want to see romantic country roads with covered bridges, farms with rolling hills where cheerful while people do all the work." Complaining about the verbal abuse from his crabby, live-in mother-in-law (Leila Danette), he says, "I'm taking this from a woman who thinks Idi Amin and Eydie Gorme are related."

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