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updated 12/17/1990 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 12/17/1990 AT 01:00 AM EST

How does a 200-year-old vampire get into '90s gear? By breaking into a clothing store, of course. In the Jan. 13 premiere episode of NBC's Dark Shadows (a prime-time remake of the 1966-71 gothic daytime series), a haberdashery robbery occurs the same night vampire Barnabas Collins, played by Ben (Chariots of Fire) Cross, is awakened for the first time since 1790. The spookiest thing, says the show's costume designer Rosalie Wallace, is that Barnabas's haul—a long charcoal Inverness coat with cape (natch); dark-colored silk shirts and pants; a few sports jackets and plenty of ascots—is just enough to get him through an entire TV season.

Just when it seemed that even the most confirmed Rapunzels had surrendered their locks, longer hair is growing on a lot of celebrity heads. "We had short hair for a while, everyone tried it out, and the next thing is to grow it," says Manhattan hair stylist Frederic Fekkai, who is managing the grow-cut of Meryl Streep (who was shorn following filming of Postcards from the Edge). Another client, Trump-ette Marla Maples, "was thinking about going short but decided to keep her hair long," says Fekkai. Supermodel Christy Turlington is also expanding on her pixie (see page 140), and Glenn Close has grown her short do to a chin-length layered bob. Even Ali MacGraw's well-known crop is "getting a little more length," according to Hollywood hair guru José Eber. "Short hair is fine," says Eber. "But some people really get bored after a while."

While her sister in pop, Madonna, 32, reveals ever more video flesh (see page 54), Debbie Gibson, 20, has just mustered the confidence to switch her lipstick from prom queen pink to sexpot red. "Four years ago I didn't feel comfortable in red lipstick," says Gibson, who had her first hit, "Only in My Dreams," at 16. "People had encouraged me to wear it, but I would have felt like I was playing dress-up. I'm glad I waited, because now I feel I can pull it off." For her new video, Anything Is Possible, Gibson also graduates to a racy black sequined bra and beaded shorts. To further squash her squeaky-clean image, she is going from "wearing colors to wearing a lot of black, from long hair to shorter and from flared skirts to straight skirts." In other words, the censors have nothing to worry about.

You could say the fashion anthem of the moment is "Raspberry Beret," the Prince song recently revived by the new rock group Hindu Love Gods, featuring Warren Zevon and members of the REM band. The floppy chapeau it celebrates is turning heads as well. Parisian versions have hit the pages of GQ, while funkier street styles recently landed atop such disparate stars as John Malkovich and Eddie Murphy. Meanwhile, Damon Wayans and the Fly Girls of Fox's In Living Color are having a beret heyday. "I'm a hat person, and my assistant is a milliner," says Living's costume designer Michelle Cole, who spends from $20 for a basic felt beret to $200 for a customized version. "Most of the cast didn't like hats to begin with, but now they wear them all the time." says Cole.

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