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We've been doing a little research on Rowanne Brewer, the 23-year-old swimsuit model and former Star Search contestant that Donald Trump has been squiring around.

Brewer is the one who, by virtue of her association with the embattled billionaire-downgraded-to-millionaire developer, has been creating a name for herself in the media. It seems she gets around pretty well.

In fact, we understand she has quite a sweet tooth, particularly when it comes to the combination of honey and Vanilla Ice. According to sources, Brewer was introduced to the 23-year-old rap artist backstage at the Miami Arena when he was the opening act for M.C. Hammer last November.

We hear Ice was so taken by Brewer that he invited her out after the show. The two were even seen—and captured on film, as you can see above, for posterity—in the back seat of his limo squirting honey onto each other's faces and generally getting downright friendly. Reportedly, Brewer and Ice (sounds like a beach drink, doesn't it?) were as inseparable as Winnie-the-Pooh and his honey jar for a couple of days.

Still, the pair seemed to lack the stick-to-it-iveness necessary for True Love. What else could explain the fact that only a month or so after that, Brewer went on her first public date with The Donald, to the Elite modeling agency's Christmas party?

And Maria Maples? Well, it now appears that she may be Trump's once-and-future sweetie, since she reportedly was with Trump over the holidays at the ski resort town of Telluride, Colo.


Variety described Sofia Coppola in The Godfather Part III as the film's "main flaw...ungainly, afflicted with a Valley-girl accent, and not an actress who can hold her own in this august company...."

Variety wasn't the only one. Pore through the reviews (see page 14) of Godfather III, and it quickly becomes apparent that of the negative criticism aimed at the film, a goodly proportion landed squarely at the feet of director Francis Ford Coppola's 19-year-old daughter. It was Francis Ford, in what has been viewed ever since as a very controversial casting decision, who opted to give Sofia, who had scant previous acting experience, the pivotal role of Mary Corleone. He cast Sofia after Winona Ryder, who was supposed to play Mary originally, had to withdraw at the start of production after she said a doctor told her she was "too sick to work."

How has Sofia taken the pasting she has received from the critics? According to a source close to the young actress, she is doing just fine, thank you. "She's getting offers to do other films," the source says, adding that Sofia "definitely intends to continue acting. Sure, the criticism affected her. It's human nature. But she also knows that critics went after Anjelica Huston, who got her first job from her father, and look where she has gone."

John Huston indeed directed his then-16-year-old daughter's screen debut in A Walk with Love and Death, a 1969 costume romance that bombed. It was seven years before Anjelica made another film. She recently told USA Today that she had suffered from all the criticism and hoped Sofia wouldn't have to go through the same thing.


A well-placed Hollywood film executive had it in mind recently to match Michael Jackson, 32, and his sister, Janet, 24, in a proposed movie project about twins.

Now, of the two siblings, which one do you think would have warmed to the deal? If you guessed Janet, you are correct. Although neither of their reps was available for comment, we hear that Janet was interested. Unfortunately for her, Michael took a pass without feeling the need to know more about the idea.

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