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originally published 01/21/1991 AT 01:00 AM EST

Our readers were touched by the miraculous survival of baby Weston Kilpatrick (PEOPLE, Dec. 24), and many wrote to tell us about the heart defects of their own children, not all of whom were as fortunate. Other readers were skeptical about producer Steve Feldstein's explanation that the mysterious "ghost boy in the window" in Three Men and a Baby was actually a cardboard cutout of Ted Danson seen from "an odd camera angle."

Feeling totally bah-humbugged about Christmas and hoping to find anything to get me in the spirit, I noticed the beautiful baby on your cover. After reading about the miracle of Weston Kilpatrick, I found that no problem seemed too big to overcome, and I knew that Christmas would not only be great for the Kilpatricks, but also for me because of the three healthy children the good Lord has given me.
Veda L. Norman
East Bend, N.C.

I, too, had a son born with Shone's complex, valve abnormalities and holes in his heart. However, after a mitral-valve replacement, his only hope for life, Adam died at 26 months. Knowing too well all the problems involved with Shone's complex, it's hard to comprehend how Weston's chamber could grow to normal capacity and his other abnormalities be considered "fixed." I guess we're not meant to understand, because isn't that what a miracle is all about?
Karen Markle O'Sicky
Hinckley, Ohio

Having been roommates with Janet Wells Kilpatrick in college, I had to chuckle when Layne described her as "strong willed." That's the understatement of the century. Janet could move a mountain with a feather if she put her mind to it.
Lisa Parkinson Pulley
Sandy, Utah

The following letter, which was shared with us, was sent to Layne and Janet Kilpatrick:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Kilpatrick:

I read the moving story in PEOPLE about your son, Weston. And I noticed the quote by Dr. Gundry that if he were Lee Iacocca, he'd give Weston a million-mile warranty. Here it is: Weston Wells Kilpatrick is guaranteed for a million miles. Of course, I told Dr. Gundry that if a heart is like a car, he may need to service it every now and then. But it sounds like the last thing all of you need is heart—you have plenty of that!
Lee A. Iacocca
Highland Park, Mich.

How gullible docs Touchstone Pictures think we are? If you watch the scene from Three Men and a Baby frame by frame, when Ted Danson and Celeste Holm walk into the room, the "being" is not there. Instead there appears to be the stock of a gun. Yet when they walk out, there he is, in the same window. I would like to hear Steve Feldstein explain how a cardboard cutout can change its facial expressions and move curtains. Get real, Touchstone. Admit it's something you can't explain.
Jennifer Copeland
Springfield, Mass.

So a whole nation was fooled by a Ted Danson cutout? An "odd camera angle" changed the features of the figure, changed the stance and removed the top hat? Give us a break—and a believable explanation.
Bobbie Wesley
Somerset, Ky.

For the last month or so I have tried in various ways to ascertain an explanation for those two eerie images that clearly were not part of the scene. Steve Feldstein explains the cutout, but what about that gun? Hey, Steve, fess up!
J.M. Mahler
Natick, Mass.

There is no one in show business as generous or as sympathetic as Jay Leno. I had the good fortune of learning firsthand how personable this talented comic is when he performed at a small theater in Connecticut where I was stage manager. Where he gets the energy to do all these charitable functions, I'll never know. But it warms the heart to know he could be there for our troops in the gulf.
Stephen Emirzian

I am the daughter of a former "guest" of the Iraqi government, and I traveled with the Coming Home group to Baghdad. I want to thank one of your photographers—Terry Smith—who was on the trip taking pictures. Terry could tell that I was petrified and really went out of his way to put me at ease. I received two lifetime rewards on that journey to Baghdad—my dad and a short friendship with a beautiful man.
Peg Keegan
Des Moines

It hardly seems that 19 years have passed since I first became a fan of Olivia. My friends often would laugh about the white-bread, wholesome image I chose to emulate as a teenager. Having seen the years pass and how some of my friends turned out, I can see I wasn't wrong.
Mindy Verson

Instead of picking a beautiful place like Paradise Valley to destroy, why didn't Elizabeth Clare Prophet pick a more appropriate place—Love Canal?
Alison Pearse
Overland Park, Kans.

What glad tidings to hear that Ivana is "free at last" from the Donald. Now, who will free her from her hairdresser?
Adele Heagney
St. Louis

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