updated 01/28/1991 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 01/28/1991 AT 01:00 AM EST

Dallas star PATRICK DUFFY has a refreshingly honest take on nepotism. Duffy, 41. whose 15-year-old son, PA-DRAIC, appeared with him earlier this season on Dallas (at left) playing a bicycle racer, admits Padraic "absolutely got the part because of me. And I will do it again for my youngest boy if he decides to get into the business. I think that's the responsibility of the father. My parents would have helped mc if they could have when I was interested in becoming an actor. It's what you deserve." Nonetheless, Duffy adds. "I wouldn't continue to force people to hire him if his talent didn't warrant it." As for his own future on Dallas, he says, "I'll do it until it's canceled. I left the show once, and that's all you can do gracefully."

After 16 years as the Bruce Springsteen of the toddler set, singer RAFFI has declared, "I'm no longer performing children's concerts." Raffi, 42, is abandoning such lyrics as "The soap is mine, mine, mine/ Scrub and shine, shine, shine/ It's my bath time" in favor of writing and performing songs for adults focusing on the environment, starting with his new album, Evergreen Everblue. "Metaphorically speaking," Raffi says, "if we can't ensure a playground for our children to grow up in, what's the point of singing for them?"

At the 80th-birthday party that A Current Affair's gossip maven CINDY ADAMS threw earlier this month for her husband, joke teller and columnist JOEY ADAMS, the couple's pal IMELDA MARCOS presented Joey with a designer tie embellished with a distinctive shoe pattern. Marcos, 61, whose collection of 1,060 pairs of shoes made headlines following the overthrow of her husband as President of the Philippines, said, "I thought it was funny. I have a sense of humor about the shoe situation. It helped me in the end. When they opened the closet, the nice part was they found shoes, but thank God there were no skeletons."

Despite the unprecedented success of white rapper VANILLA ICE, whose "Ice Ice Baby" single went No. 1 last fall, regal rapper QUEEN LATIFAH is not colorblind when it comes to musical colleagues. "Absolutely not," responds the 20-year-old Latifah, when asked if white people can rap as well as blacks. "They just don't. I don't know why. I mean, we grow up with a lot more soul. Hip hop is our music. It was our music from the beginning, and we mastered it. So white people have a little catchin' up to do."

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