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originally published 02/04/1991 AT 01:00 AM EST

She was a star at age 7 and a recovering substance abuser at 13, so why not a bride at 15? Drew (E. T.) Barrymore is telling pals that she is engaged to Leland Hayward (at right), 24, and has been flashing the diamond ring to prove it. Hayward, no direct relation to the flamboyant agent-producer of the same name, is a sound-engineering student. California law permits a 15-year-old to wed with parental consent, but there's no word yet from Drew's parents on whether they're saying yes.

Robert Young (at right), 83, the star of the TV series Father Knows Best and Marcus Welby, M.D., is recovering from a Jan. 12 suicide attempt at his home in Westlake Village, Calif. Young, who has a history of depression and years ago admitted publicly to alcoholism, reportedly drank all night and then tried to kill himself via carbon monoxide poisoning. Finding his car battery dead, he called a tow truck operator to start the auto; the driver alerted police. Young confessed his intention and admitted himself to a psychiatric hospital.

Over and out: Nine months after their Las Vegas wedding, Guns N' Roses' Axl Rose, 28, has been granted an annulment from Erin Everly, 25, the daughter of Don Everly (of Everly Brothers fame). The rocker, who had filed for a divorce from Erin only 26 days after their wedding but later reconciled, is now living solo in the couple's West Hollywood condo.

Actor Keye Luke, 86, the blind-but-visionary Master Po on ABC-TV's Kung Fu series (1972-75), died of a stroke Jan. 12 in Whittier, Calif. A veteran of more than 100 films and a founding member of the Screen Actors Guild, the Canton-born, Seattle-bred Luke entered the film industry as a studio billboard artist but switched to acting after being recruited for a supporting role in a 1934 Greta Garbo movie, The Painted Veil. Until Kung Fu, he was best known as Charlie Chan's No. 1 son in the detective films of the '30s and '40s, and later, in the '50s, as the faithful servant Kato in the Green Hornet movies. Keye's final movie role was as an herbalist in Woody Allen's new film, Alice. Allen says, "It was a privilege to work with him. The whole cast and crew were entranced."...

Trumpeter Jabbo Smith, 82, considered a rival to Louis Armstrong in the '20s and '30s, died of pneumonia on Jan. 16 in New York City. In 1929 he and Satchmo went horn to horn at the Rockland Palace in Harlem, with contemporary accounts reporting that Jabbo handily held his own.

King Olav V, 87, the beloved ruler of Norway "since 1957, died Jan. 17 at the royal palace in Oslo following a heart attack. Olav was always popular with his subjects, partly due to such nonroyal behavior as taking public transportation and toting his own skis when he headed for the slopes. He is succeeded by his 53-year-old son, Prince Harald.

High-profile product endorser I (and Chicago Bulls basketball star) Michael Jordan, 27, and his wife, Juanita, 31, welcomed their second son on Christmas Eve in Chicago. The newly arrived Marcus James weighed in at 6 lbs., 7 oz. and at 19" has a shot at being Heir Jordan. "He gives me even more incentive to go out and play well," said proud Pop.

Citing that old standby irreconcilable differences, ex-Monkees drummer Micky Dolenz, 45, and his wife, Trina, filed for divorce in Los Angeles. Trina, whom Dolenz wed in 1977, wants custody of their three daughters, Georgia Rose, 4, Emily Claire, 7, and Charlotte Jeanelle, 9. Dolenz also has another daughter, Ami, from an earlier marriage to Samantha Just, which ended in 1976. Ami, 21, was a regular on General Hospital and is now doing guest shots on episodic television. Dolenz, who toured with the reunited Monkees (minus Michael Nesmith) in 1986, is now a TV director.

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