Picks and Pans Review: Lovesick: the Marilyn Syndrome

updated 02/18/1991 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 02/18/1991 AT 01:00 AM EST

by Elizabeth Macavoy, Ph.D. and Susan Israelson

Another self-help equivalent of a one-note samba, this volume beats to death the notion that some people are so emotionally deprived as children that they are handicapped in romantic relationships. Marilyn Monroe is cited as a case study, and much of the book is filled with ostensible evidence to support that argument.

Macavoy is a clinical psychologist. Her coauthor (and former patient) Israelson, a free-lance writer, gives a hint of how scientific the book is in her foreword when she describes the differences between herself and Macavoy this way: "We come from two different worlds, planets, intergalactic opposites, New York and Poland, Libra and Aries, dark and light, size 10, size 4."

And the coauthors' advice on reacting to mistreatment by men confirms the mindlessness of their approach: ' "Allow sounds of fury to come from deep within, growl and rage. See and feel the lava in your belly filled with pulsing tension. You are Pele, the Goddess of the Volcano.... Let the inferno blaze and burst upward. Flames and lava spew forth from the top of your head."

Quick. Somebody get a fire extinguisher and a mop. (Fine, $18.95)

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