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Somewhere out there are people who think Michael Jackson and Madonna (PEOPLE, April 15) make a mighty cute couple. Needless to say, we didn't hear from them. As expected, New Kids on the Block fans sprang to the defense of their bumptious idol, Donnie Wahlberg.

When I first saw Michael Jackson and Madonna sitting together at the Oscars, I thought it was a live remote from the Hollywood Wax Museum. These two pop icons have become pathetic caricatures of themselves. And as for Madonna's smash (your word) rendition of "Sooner or Later," she only succeeded in making it seem the least distinguished of all five nominated songs.
GREG YOUNG, Hollywood

I don't care why they went together. The fact remains, this is showbiz. Michael and Madonna together were fabulous, dahling, just fabulous!

Anyone who believes that the white-gloved supposed wunderkind and Madonna are a couple should buy a one-way ticket to Oz. Michael is one step away from a sex change and is more a lady than the aging Boy Toy will ever be. I hope the Marilyn wannabe has invested her millions wisely. The public has to wise up soon and realize she is a nontalent—a human pet rock. Comparing her to Monroe is blasphemous.
JASON GREY, North Arlington, N.J.

"Madonna out-Marilyned Marilyn"—you've got to be kidding! A more accurate cover story would have been "Madonna—In search of an original persona."
SARAH J. STEUTERMAN, Pasadena, Calif.

I want to applaud the courage it took for genetic researcher Margot O'Toole to do what was morally right. Our society today has been weakened by protecting the villain more than the victim. There is no incentive any more to "do the right thing" for fear of harassment or worse. I am always reminded in situations such as hers of the saying that has been attributed to Edmund Burke: "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." Thank goodness Margot O'Toole was courageous enough to do something.
PATSY BRUCE, Decatur, Ala.

Twenty years to life!!! Give me a break!!! If Donnie Wahlberg is convicted of that ridiculous arson charge, there is definitely something wrong with this country's judicial system. When murderers and rapists get away with that stuff, Donnie's gonna get 20 years for burning a few feet of carpet (which I don't think he did)? Why would he want to burn down a hotel full of his fans, friends, and band and crew members?
KELLY CRAIG, Woodbridge, Va.

Donnie Wahlberg is not an arsonist, he did not try to burn any hotel down, and he doesn't deserve any of those accusations. He is the most special, most giving person ever to be born onto this earth.
JODY IMRIE, Vancouver, B.C.

I am from Louisville, and yesterday the verdict on Donnie Wahlberg was read. The charge against him was reduced to criminal mischief. He has to do public-service announcements on drinking, drugs and—can you believe?—fire safety. Donnie Wahlberg can gel away with setting fire to one of the most beautiful buildings in Louisville. If a nonperformer did this kind of damage, I'm sure he or she would certainly receive the maximum sentence.

Shame on you, Donnie Wahlberg, for getting burned "partying" with underage girls in a Louisville hotel. And I thought you were the one attracted to us older women. I hope you learned a lesson. The next time you feel like playing with fire, party with someone old enough to handle the heat.
TERESA ELLIS, Madison, Tenn.

I am writing in response to your article on James Brown. After reading the crap that man put out, now I see how he ended up in jail. What an egotistical, selfish man he is. I can see it now, an ax murderer who kills 14 people will be saying, "I'm sorry, it was a mistake. I didn't mean to kill all those people. You can't put me in jail just because of a mistake." James Brown, grow up! If you do the crime, you better be ready to do the time.
Y.L. CRUM, Brunswick, Md.

Thanks for a great review of our Tame Yourself animal-rights LP, but why sound a sour note about the cause, wondering why "no one puts out an album as lively as this" for "people" charities? Most of us have appeared on albums to help children, fight AIDS and heal the environment, and all of us are involved with a variety of human-rights causes. Animal rights are important too. One's compassion need not get stuck in a single groove.

THE B-52s
Washington, D. C.

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