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updated 05/13/1991 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 05/13/1991 AT 01:00 AM EDT


Through their spokespersons, Julia Roberts and Kiefer Sutherland have made it official: They will many on June 14 in Los Angeles.

The announcement came as no surprise to denizens of "Dog Park," the unofficial name for a patch of green in the Hollywood Hills that is officially called Laurel Canyon Park. That's where hundreds of people, including celebrities like Julia and Kiefer, regularly bring their pets on weekends. Even the paparazzi have started to stake it out.

On a recent Sunday, a source of ours encountered Julia and Kiefer and Jack, the couple's Border collie. When our source spotted a photographer shooting in Julia and Kiefer's direction, he warned the duo.

Did they react by taking the oblivious Jack and running for cover? Nope. Our source says, "They turned toward the photographer and began kissing and hugging each other."

More Julia-Kiefer news: The two may be costarring in Renegades, a Western romance that producer Ray Stark hopes to shoot next spring. Mel Gibson, slated earlier to play the male lead, pulled out because of scheduling conflicts, but now that Kiefer may be filling Mel's boots, it looks as if Stark will be able to hold on to the much-in-demand Roberts.


Look for Spike Lee to write and direct, and Prince to star in, an upcoming music video. A spokeswoman for Prince told us that Prince sent Lee an audiocassette of a song from his Diamonds and Pearls album, due in September.

"It was Prince's idea" to involve Lee, says the rep, adding that Lee is now at work "on a treatment" based on the song.

Lee, busy getting his new movie, Jangle Fever, ready for this week's Cannes Film Festival, did not respond to requests for more information.


Actress and music lover Rosanna Arquette, the former girlfriend of rock star Peter Gabriel, has taken up with another musician. Rosanna's new guy is Paul Buchanan, lead singer and lyricist for the Scottish pop band Blue Nile. Arquette and Buchanan spent a recent week vacationing in Big Sur.

Meanwhile, the personal relationship between Arquette's former husband, composer James Newton Howard, and Barbra Streisand has "cooled," according to a source. But we are told that Howard "definitely" remains the composer of the sound track for Streisand's new movie, The Prince of Tides, which is expected to arrive in theaters in September.

And rounding out our romance alert is Lala (Pump Up the Volume) Sloatman, 20, who recently broke up with C. Thomas (Side Out) Howell, 24, for a younger man, Balthazar (Lord of the Flies) Getty, 16. He is the great-grandson of J. Paul Getty.

A source close to Balthazar says the actor recently tattooed Lala's name on his ankle. Why on the ankle? The source says, "So his mother won't see it."

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