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Singer Paula Abdul has a new boyfriend. He's Brian Phelps, one half of the popular Los Angeles morning-radio duo of Mark & Brian on KLOS. Our sources tell us that Abdul and Phelps became an item shortly after Phelps and his radio partner, Mark Thompson, coaxed her into belching on the air. The duo's eructation request came in the wake of a wire-service story in May quoting Abdul as saying that belching was a regular part of her vocal exercises.

Although Phelps (whose new NBC prime-time series with Thompson, The Adventures of Mark & Brian, debuts next month) spends a fair portion of his radio show getting callers to reveal intimate details about their love lives, he was a lot less forthcoming regarding his own. He refused, through his producer, to discuss his relationship with Abdul. Ditto Abdul's rep, who says the singer "never talks about her personal life in public."


When Annette Bening and Warren Beatty announced last month that they were expecting a bambino in early 1992, little did anyone realize this would be the baby that shook Hollywood.

First, Bening had to relinquish the role of Cat-woman in Batman II.

Next, Michelle Pfeiffer took over as Catwoman. Doing so, however, meant that Pfeiffer had to pull out of discussions about co-starring opposite Richard Gere in Mr. Jones, a psychological thriller. Pfeiffer was considering playing a psychiatrist who falls for a manic-depressive patient, played by Gere.

Now comes word that Swedish actress Lena (The Unbearable Lightness of Being) Olin may be, indirectly, the latest beneficiary of the Bening pregnancy. Mike (Internal Affairs) Figgis, who is scheduled to direct Mr. Jones for Tri-Star, just made a trip from London to Stockholm to see if Olin wanted Pfeiffer's part.

Was Figgis successful? Our sources tell us no contracts have been signed, but Olin is now officially "under consideration."


Less than two months after putting her house in Aspen, Colo., on the market for $4 million, Cher has removed the FOR SALE sign. Instead, a source close to the singer tells us, she plans to "remodel." This, you'll recall, is the cliffside adobe dwelling on seven acres that Cher bought a year ago for $2 million. When she decided to sell in June, the same source told us Cher wanted "fewer things in her life."

We'll keep you posted.

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