Adolescence Lives at L.A.'s All-Gal Celeb Pajama Bash

updated 11/27/1989 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 11/27/1989 AT 01:00 AM EST

So fine, then, that they weren't all cheerleaders in high school. They've gotten by quite nicely, thank you, becoming kinda rich and kinda famous in Hollywood—but sometimes girls still just want to have fun. And that's why invitations to artist-songwriter Allee ("Neutron Dance") Willis's ultra-exclusive, ultra-pink Night of the Living Negligee (II), the Second Annual All-Girl Ail-Night B-Day Pajama Pageant (Allee's birthday), were the campiest hot tickets in L.A. Among the hundred latter-day Sandra Dees at this year's potluck bash: actress Teri Garr, Ann (Anything but Love) Magnuson, Joni Mitchell, Julie (Earth Girls Are Easy) Brown, Alison (Open House) LaPlaca, Laraine (Saturday Night Live) Newman, comedians Sandra Bernhard and Arleen Sorkin, Dana (China Beach) Delany, Katey (Married...with Children) Sagal, former groupie Pamela Des Barres, singer Siedah Garrett and Cassandra "Elvira" Peterson. In jammies and robes they padded into Allee's high-tech, low-down North Hollywood home, giddy with expectation. Newman admitted she felt "very vulnerable" since the invites read NO MEN. There were several males present however. Not to worry: Four waiters wore signs saying, WE'RE NOT MEN, WE WORK HERE. A ridiculous time was had by all, with the ladies playing games like "curler toss" across an inflatable kiddie pool in the backyard and getting done up in dresses made out of trash bags, courtesy of Monsieur Pierre Ooh La La, otherwise known as actor Stanley Desantis. The kitsch-perfect Del Rubio Sisters serenaded the teen dreams and Joni Mitchell led everyone in "female bonding chants," about everything from PMS blues to hair coloring.

The main event was a contest to win a date with Fabian, who appeared in a 15-minute video made just for the party, which was shown on all of Allee's 17 television sets. (At last year's fete Tab Hunter showed up in person.) A trivia quiz based on her Fabian film and on fab Fab facts decided the lucky girl. ("I don't want a date with Fabian," griped Garr.) Elvira worked her black magic and won, but she claims to have already dated Fabian for three months back when she was a dancer in Reno—until he dropped her. "I want to see him now," she said. "And show him how far I've come!" Concluded the birthday girl: "I've been to fancy catered affairs. A party where everyone really likes each other is much more fun."

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