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originally published 12/11/1989 AT 01:00 AM EST

Cover girl Fergie (PEOPLE, Nov. 20) drew the British lion's share of reader reaction (see box below) but got a royal run for her money from former Lt. William Calley and antiabortion crusader Randall Terry. Twenty years has not diminished the horror of My Lai, and though Calley's hometown may have forgiven him, our readers have not. As for Terry, most of our letter writers were fervently pro-choice, and many of them see him as a self-righteous fanatic.

Why don't the "all-too-proper English critics" just leave Fergie alone? She loves her husband, she loves her child and is obviously very happy being the honest and open person she is. Everyone needs time away, even from their loved ones, and everyone wants to have money of their own. Keep your chin up, Fergie!
Denise Denson
Richland, Miss.

Frankly, I'm fed up with the Brits. Just last week I heard they have over $100 billion invested in America, and they're worried about the country home of Fergie and Andrew being decorated by an American firm. I find Fergie refreshing and honest. I think the rest of the British need a good laxative.
Mary Hulsey
Fenton, Mo.

A million thanks for your article on the questionable practices of the A.L. Williams Company. My husband joined this company over four years ago. I have watched his personality change from a loving, compassionate human being into a hateful, abusive individual who placed our entire financial future at stake while pursuing the A.L. Williams "dream."
Name Withheld
Troy, Mich.

Art Williams's way is not a way to get rich quick. It's hard work, long hours and requires a lot of patience by one's family. What has to be in your heart is the desire to help others, not to make lots of money. Art has no patience for whiners or people not willing to work their butts off.
Marie B. Potter
Elkton, Md.

Why should anyone feel sorry for former Lieutenant Calley? He is a war criminal, but those who participated in the slaughter at My Lai are as guilty. The only ones deserving of sympathy are the noble soldiers who refused to become butchers but must live with the horror of what they witnessed, and the victims whose deaths have been made unimportant by the successes and comforts of those involved. The incident at My Lai wasn't different from the many instances of civilian slaughter at the hands of German soldiers during World War II. Their families and friends thought they were nice guys too.
Susan Peariso
Wichita Falls, Texas

I read with horror your story about William Calley and the slaughter at My Lai. To hear Mr. Calley's friends call him a "normal person" is a joke. I hope Calley's nights, and the nights of the men who participated in the killing at My Lai, are filled with the faces of those who died.
Terry Hunter
North Babylon, N.Y.

I do not believe that Randall Terry and his followers are so much antiabortion as they are antiwomen. There is nothing pro-life about promoting violence against the living women they torment.
Pat Sullivan
Gardena, Calif.

The article on Randall Terry, founder of Operation Rescue, was an excellent and fair report. So often in the media, pro-life advocates are treated shabbily. I also believe our nation will pay, and dearly, for killing innocent babies.
Mary Anne Durden
Independence, Ky.

Randall Terry says he is glad abortion wasn't an option 30 years ago when he was conceived out of wedlock. The fact is, it was an option—an illegal and dangerous option unless you were rich. Legal abortions won't change a woman's mind, but they just might save a woman's life.
Paula Knight-Tyler
Chillicothe, Ill.

I am happy to read that Randy Terry's God feels exactly the same as my God when it comes to a fair and just punishment for Terry—incarceration.
Howard B. Fisher
Vestal, N.Y.

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