Take One

updated 12/11/1989 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 12/11/1989 AT 01:00 AM EST

In the new black comedy The War of the Roses, Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas play a divorcing yuppie couple who continue living together for fear the other will get a better property settlement. In the course of their battles, however, they trash their most valued, and costly, possessions. In two scenes alone, they destroy a genuine $25,000 Morgan car—a rare classic auto—and a $4,000 oven. For the other scenes, director Danny DeVito made do with cheaper facsimile props that were made to look like $35,000 worth of Staffordshire plates, $60,000 worth of Biedermeier furniture, a $60,000 chandelier and $15,000 worth of Rosenthal china.

Christmas, Beverly Hills—style: Furrier Jeff Lehman, of Somper-Lowell, has been selling made-to-order exercise bikes and rowing machines with mink handle grips and seats ($1,250 each); tennis bags and racquet covers of white mink ($850 and $750); and white mink sweatbands ($250). His first taker was singer Lorna Luft, who snapped up a mink-trimmed bike (and happily posed for pictures riding it) for husband Jake Hooker, rocker turned entrepreneur, left. The couple isn't worried about hearing from the antifur lobby. Says Hooker: "I'm obviously concerned about animals, but mink is not an endangered species. A lot of people who are into protest have the right intentions, but they often buy leather or eat steak, so it gets tricky."

Actor Sean Penn, below, has written poetry and even directed his own one-act play. Now the protean Penn is dabbling in art—for a good cause. His mom, Eileen Penn, a longtime member of the Malibu-based Free Arts for Abused Children, asked Sean to participate in FAAC's celebrities-design-Christmas-trees fund-raiser. In his Malibu garage, Sean whipped up a four-foot sculpture he dubbed Christmas Tree Chaos, below. Made of welded steel, it's meant to cast a tree-shaped shadow when a candle is lit in front of it. "Sean's the only one who did a sculpture," says the group's rep. Sean's tree, and the decorated artificial trees of Ali MacGraw, Esther Williams, Michael Landon and other celebs, can be seen at a Santa Monica mall through Dec. 15. An unidentified Santa Monica woman—not Sean's mom—bought the piece at the charity auction for $500.

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