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For eight years Patti Davis raised eyebrows in Washington, D.C., whenever she publicly criticized either the policies of the Reagan Administration or her parents, former White House occupants Ronald and Nancy Reagan.

A political liberal in a family tree filled with conservatives, the 37-year-old author of two novels (Home Front and Deadfall) can still raise eyebrows, including, it seems, her own.

A source close to the Insider says Davis has been talking about her recent "forehead lift," a surgical procedure designed to smooth out those unsightly worry lines. (While noting that he didn't do Davis's surgery, Dr. Harvey Zarem, a well-known Los Angeles plastic surgeon, says forehead lifts are common among plastic surgery-inclined women in Davis's age group.)

When we contacted Davis at home and tried to ask her about it, she hung up on us not once but twice.

This news follows reports of Davis's recent separation, still not confirmed, from her husband of five years, yoga instructor Paul Grilley.


How many movies did actress Diane Lane have to make with Matt Dillon before she decided she'd rather not work with him anymore?

The answer is two. Dillon and Lane, who are both hot again since starring respectively in Drugstore Cowboy and Lonesome Dove, co-starred in 1983's The Outsiders and 1987's The Big Town. But when Lane was recently approached about reading for a part that would again cast her opposite Dillon, she begged off, according to sources, "because she can't stand him."

The movie in question, which marks the directorial debut of Fatal Attraction screenwriter James Dearden, is a remake of A Kiss Before Dying, the 1956 Robert Wagner-Joanne Woodward thriller about a psychopathic college student. Dillon will indeed star in the film, and femme fatale Sean (No Way Out) Young has landed the lead role opposite him.


In a move that may not endear him to rock purists, director Oliver Stone is considering dropping some of Jim Morrison's lead vocals from tracks by the Doors in his as yet untitled movie about the '60s rocker, which begins shooting in March. Stone would substitute the voice of Val Kilmer, the actor playing Morrison. The director stresses that he will not make the decision until postproduction but says, "Kilmer's singing has an eerie similarity that comes within 10 percent of Morrison's."...

The word in Hollywood is that Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn have emerged as the leading contenders to co-star in director Ridley (Black Rain) Scott's next film, Thelma and Louise, though Scott denies planning to cast the pair. Thelma is a thriller about two women who abandon their dreary small-town lives in search of adventure....

Former New York Mets first baseman Keith Hernandez had a recent chance encounter in Los Angeles with Jack Nicholson. According to Hernandez, when he told Nicholson that he no longer played for the Mets and was now a Cleveland Indian, the only positive thing Nicholson, a longtime Yankee fan, could say about the Indians was, "Nice hats."

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