Picks and Pans Review: New in Paperback

updated 03/05/1990 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 03/05/1990 AT 01:00 AM EST

>PAUL ROBESON: A BIOGRAPHY An exhaustive study by Martin Bauml Duberman traces the tumultuous life of the controversial black American singer-actor-activist in a captivating 550 pages. (Ballantine)

A THIEF OF TIME A noted anthropologist is dead; sacred Navajo pottery is gone. Tony Hillerman's Indian detective Joe Leaphorn is onto another picturesque, well-drawn crime. (Harper)

EQUAL AFFECTIONS David Leavitt's second novel, about a family coping with its dying matriarch, is eloquent but fragmented. (Perennial)

LEONARD MAITIN'S TV MOVIES AND VIDEO GUIDE The blurbs remain on the dull side, but Maltin added 500-plus entries for this 20th edition, bringing to 18,500 the films capsulized, with remarkably few gaffes, in his weighty 1,277-page reference work. (Plume)

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