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originally published 04/09/1990 AT 01:00 AM EDT

You can come home, Rob Lowe (PEOPLE, March 19), but cautiously please—not all is forgiven. Many correspondents agreed that Lowe was not entirely to blame for the notorious sex-tape video that appeared to have sabotaged his career. As one reader wrote, "It takes two—or three—to tango." Others, unconvinced, blasted us for what they considered a tasteless cover photo.

You'll receive many letters condemning Rob Lowe for what happened, but let's remember that the religious zealots forgave Jimmy Swaggart and the politicos have sought advice from Richard Nixon. Time heals, and rightfully so. Let's speed up the clock and leave Rob Lowe alone.
Robert East
Studio City, Calif.

As a 39-year-old male, I'm not interested in the lives of pretty-boy actors, but if anyone is a victim in this mess, Rob Lowe is. A 16-year-old in a nightclub with a woman known as her lover? Come on! These two ladies, and I use the term facetiously, aren't exactly following in the footsteps of Mother Teresa.
Barry Newell
Brookhaven, Miss.

Rob Lowe is just another example of the excesses that result from undeserved fame and fortune. His judgment has not improved, considering his silly cover photo.
Jeannine H. Turenne
Arlington, Va.

Rob Lowe is a dope. He has made the talk show circuit professing to have gained wisdom from his sex-tape scandal. Sure. That's why he posed with his shirt raised, as if he is about to bare it all—again.
Leigh Nolan
Monroe, La.

Rob Lowe says, "Everybody makes deal with it and go on." That's great if you're free to go on. Had I been videotaped making love to a minor, there is no question that I would be spending the next 12 years under the jail.
Tom Karnes

Since I am a former basketball player with a heart rhythm problem, the sudden death of Hank Gathers had an obvious impact on me. After 13 years of treatment, I still maintain a very active workout schedule and, at 34, have no intention of slowing down. For everyone out there like Hank and me: Stay on your medication, keep up the checkups, accept the side effects. Consider the alternative.
William R. Dowhen
Newport, Vt.

As a mother who stayed home with her eight children, I can tell Ivana Trump that children, at least between the ages of 1 and 6, do not have "lives of their own." During those years, not only did I not "stare at the ceiling," I didn't even know I had a ceiling. Floors carpeted with toys, absolutely. Walls decorated with toothpaste and Magic Marker murals, yes, indeed. But ceilings?
Sarah L. Morris
Wynnewood, Pa.

Last month my husband and I rented Field of Dreams for ourselves and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade for our children, Jeffrey, 10, and Andrew, 8. Incredibly, my children became so enthralled by Field of Dreams, they never watched Indiana Jones. Jeffrey now wants to read the book that Field of Dreams was based on. As far as I am concerned, any movie that inspires a 10-year-old boy to read is not a "Freud meets Abner Doubleday mess." Ralph Novak is entitled to his opinion, but in our house he certainly struck out on this one.
Nancy Wurfel
Norwalk, Conn.

The Northside Church of Christ has set up a legal fund for Vicki Korolko to help her with the mounting costs in her fight against the criminal charges that are pending against her as she fights for the return of her daughter, Sarah (PEOPLE, March 5). Support, through cards or donations, should be sent to: Northside Church of Christ, Vicki Korolko Kanady Legal Fund, 16318 San Pedro Avenue, San Antonio, Texas 78232.
Joe Shaver
San Antonio.

I am writing on behalf of the U.S. embassy in London and the many members of the foreign service who are proud to be associated with Ambassador Henry E. Catto (PEOPLE, Jan. 29). You printed a photo taken of the ambassador at a costume reception he hosted for British labor union leaders, mentioned that he keeps the flag of his home state of Texas on display and concluded that his performance here has been "boobish." An imaginative approach to his work combined with a wealth of foreign affairs experience is what makes Ambassador Catto exactly the kind of political appointee we need. You will find absolutely nobody among American career diplomats who would disagree with that. By attacking him so mindlessly, you have done a disservice to all of us.
Charles E. Courtney
Foreign Service Career Minister London.

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