Picks and Pans Review: "you Ain't Heard Nothin'yet!"

updated 04/09/1990 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 04/09/1990 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Compiled by John P. Fennell

Let he or she who has never said anything about offers that couldn't be refused, phoning home, making his or her day or frankly not giving a damn cast the first stone.

For the rest of us, this compendium of 501 famous lines from movies is prime material. Fennell, a playwright-teacher-movie buff, offers a range of quotes, from the familiar (including the title, from Al Jolson in The Jazz Singer) to the obscure.

Among the latter are such lines as Clifton Webb's from The Razor's Edge: "You know, I've never been able to understand why, when there's so much space in the world, people should deliberately choose to live in the Middle West." W.C. Fields as he kisses Mae West's hand in My Little Chickadee: "What symmetrical digits." Or Gene Hackman in The French Connection: "Did you ever pick your feet in Poughkeepsie?"

Or Roy Scheider to Jessica Lange in All That Jazz: "To be on the wire in lifeā€”the rest is waiting." Kathleen Turner to William Hurt in Body Heat: "You're not too bright. I like that in a man." And Albert Brooks to Holly Hunter in Broadcast News: "If anything happens to me, tell every woman I've ever gone out with I was talking about her at the end. That way they'll have to re-evaluate me."

Anyway, we're not in Kansas anymore, sometimes the magic works and sometimes it doesn't, and as for when we'll get tired of this kind of totally spurious, wholly enjoyable book, well, that'll be the day. (Carol, paper, $7.95)

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