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The ratings of America's Funniest Home Videos may show that when it comes to comedy, the pratfall is king, but don't try to prove it by our readers (PEOPLE, March 26). Those who wrote had little that was kind to say about either the program or its host, Bob Saget.

After reading this story, I feel our values and morals have gone totally astray. Perseverance, courage and hard work, not greed, constitute a successful future. No amount of money will ever bring back Jose and Kitty Menendez. It is unfortunate that kids who get the finest educations, have the luxury to travel and the enormous benefits of "breeding" could backlash at their parents and society as a whole.
Holly Eve Waldheter
Englewood Cliffs, N.J.

I was a friend of Kitty Menendez, and I will never believe that her sons, Eric and Lyle, committed her murder. It simply is not possible that the woman I heard speak so lovingly and supportively about her family could have been brutally gunned down by these boys. I attended the memorial service, and the grief and sorrow I felt reflected by her sons were genuine. Her death broke my heart, but to believe it was caused by her sons is to shatter the spirit.

One has to wonder about the mentality of the viewing public when such inane drivel as America's Funniest Home Videos manages to outrate the class act Murder, She Wrote.
Connie Kehrwald
Rochester, Minn.

How sad. Bob Saget plays a daddy on ABC's Full House, but in real life he has trouble making time for his wife and two small children. Perhaps his wife could send him a home video of the family so he can at least see on film what he's missing while he's pursuing his dual careers.
Terry Zuiker
Springfield, Va.

There is only one thing about America's Funniest Home Videos that is not funny—Bob Saget. His jokes make me cringe. I think the viewing audience is capable of understanding what is going on in the clips without those incredibly annoying voice-over narrations. After all, if the clips are funny enough to be on the air, then we don't need help. Thanks anyway.
Meredith Troy
Belmont, Mass.

I would like to respond to your article, in which you say, "Frequently, what people think is funny is not suitable for airing. A horse breaking wind..., a woman giving birth on the shoulder of a freeway..., babies vomiting..." Well, I was that woman giving birth off the freeway, and I resent being put in the same category as the horse. Birth is a beautiful experience; however, I know many people might not enjoy watching every aspect of it. In my video, the viewing of the birth itself was blocked by all the surrounding firemen, police and paramedics—a humorous sight, to say the least. The best part was when my sister said, "Didn't quite make it to the hospital, eh?" I guess I was the only one who thought it was funny.
April Kubachka
Redondo Beach, Calif.

Peter Willcox of Greenpeace, the world needs more like you! My admiration for you is only outweighed by my shame for not being as active as you are. Please tell me how to donate to your organization.
Violet, La.

Donations may be sent to: Greenpeace, Box PM, 1436 U St. N.W., Washington, D.C. 20009.

Recently I made a small contribution to Greenpeace. I was appalled when I received back pounds of triplicated, plastic-windowed junk mail. Can't a symbol of environmental salvation do better than that?
Name Withheld

Greenpeace replies: "We depend on these mailings not just for fund-raising but also to inform on a wide range of issues. We are concerned about our environmental impact and now use recycled paper and biodegradable windows on all our mailings."

I am sorry Spike Lee is displeased that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences overlooked Do the Right Thing in its major Oscar nominations. Obviously voters felt there were more deserving nominees. His comment that his film was overlooked because the members of the Academy are "old" points out an important fact—they might be old, but they are mature. Mr. Lee's ongoing tirades show what he really is—a tiresome, petulant child.
Bobby Lindsey
Columbus, Ga.

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