Puffing and Panting, the Veep Leads the Quayle Clan and An All-Star Pack on a Charity Fund-Run

updated 07/02/1990 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 07/02/1990 AT 01:00 AM EDT

It has been a while since Washington hosted the likes of this sporting event, a celebrity run for fun and a just cause. With the wave of an orange flag by Willard Scott, Quayle-chasing season officially got underway in the nation's capital. Dan Quayle, snappy in hot-pink jogging shorts, and running mate Marilyn in neon green, plus their kids Corinne, Ben and Tucker, led 8,529 participants on a three-mile race along Pennsylvania Avenue. No records were broken, but the Veep's roadwork brought together a mix of Hollywood and D.C. that hasn't been seen since the Reagan years. Those on hand ranged from Secretary of Commerce Robert Mosbacher and his cosmetics-empress wife, Georgette, to actresses Lynda Carter and Loni Anderson.

The purpose of the race was to raise money for the fight against breast cancer—a special interest of Marilyn Quayle, whose mother died of the disease. The run's $530,000 in receipts will be divided among four breast cancer foundations. Some observers saw another benefit, a noticeable thaw in Marilyn Quayle's often icy media image. "An interesting fallout of this for Marilyn is that people are getting to know her in a different light," said Lynda Carter. "She's not stuffy. She's really got charisma." As for the not-terribly-competitive event, one Michael Regan clocked in first at 14:58. Trailing the winner, his two sons and 991 other runners, the Vice President came in at 24:33-slightly bushed, but happy.

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