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updated 07/23/1990 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 07/23/1990 AT 01:00 AM EDT

There hasn't been such a ruckus over a man in his underwear since Baltimore Oriole Jim Palmer bared his Jockeys. San Francisco is nuts about a Macy's ad featuring hunky 49er Roger Craig in a pair of Calvin Klein briefs. With adoring women posting the page on refrigerators across the city, the running back has found a new sideline as a sexy talk show guest and is also taping an exercise video, Roger Craig: Turn It Up a Notch. "He expects to go into acting and wanted the exposure," says Macy's spokesperson Merle Goldstone, who adds that the store's switchboard has been lighting up like Arsenio Hall's applause sign since the ad appeared last month. In fact, Craig, who has modeled for Macy's since 1984, just wrapped his first film role-playing a cop in the Roger Corman thriller Dark Obsession. Craig's wife, Vernessia, is about the only San Franciscan who remains blasé. Says her husband: "She sees me in my underwear every day."

Winnie Mandela's traditional South African garb usually makes her the vibrant focus on any dais. But her whirlwind tour of New York City last month included some one-stop shopping at the Seventh Avenue showroom of evening-wear manufacturer Victoria Royal. She picked out two all-American, size-14 formals: a black cocktail dress and a purple satin gown. "I'm not certain Mrs. Mandela is altogether comfortable wearing our type of fashions, but when she tried on the gown, she looked in the mirror and embraced me," says Alan Sealove, owner and president of the firm, whose line is available at stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus. Matched up with the Divine Mrs. M. through a "Washington official familiar with our clothing," Sealove, a New Yorker with no ties to South Africa, provided the $1,000 retail dresses gratis, along with a beaded green gown he has set aside for her return trip in the fall.

Octogenarian fashion queen Adele Simpson counts Barbara Bush, Lady Bird Johnson and Pat Nixon among her clients, but this bevy of First Ladies has done little to erase the company's reputation for proper-but-fuddy-duddyish frocks. Now Simpson's daughter, Joan Raines, is launching a racy new line of evening wear for younger women. Designed by Anthony Muto, the Joan Raines collection hits department stores this fall.

Forget the cartoony trench coats. "Dick Tracy's biggest fashion contribution is Warren Beatty's interview suit," says Tom Julian, associate fashion director of the Men's Fashion Association. Beatty has paired the same double-breasted gray suit with a black T-shirt for virtually every TV interview during the movie's media blitz, calling attention to the tieless Hollywood style popular this summer (check out Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise). "Not since Don Johnson has a suit with a T-shirt made such a statement, but Beatty's is more tailored than the unconstructed Miami Vice look," says Julian. The eccentric Beatty, who refuses to discuss his love life, keeps equally mum on sartorial matters. He has ordered his publicists—not to mention his haberdashers—not to reveal the label.

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