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originally published 09/03/1990 AT 01:00 AM EDT

New Kids on the Block may have the right stuff, but their fans proved they definitely have the WRITE stuff. Our story on the Fab Five (PEOPLE, Aug. 13) brought in 910 letters, the most ever received about a story in PEOPLE'S 16-year history. The vast majority were from New Kids' fans and their parents who thanked us for finally recognizing the group's talent and wholesome appeal. But others chastised us for comparing the group to the Beatles, and some of the New Kids' fans said they were offended by what the Kids had to say.

I was so happy to finally see the Boston Babes on your cover! I bought 15 copies and I also wrapped some up to give as gifts to my friends who are also fans. Thanks! You're awesome and so are they!
Ericka Roberts

I want to applaud you for your unique article on the New Kids on the Block. You gave them a fair chance to honestly air their views instead of dismissing them as silly "teenyboppers" unworthy of any respect. Maybe now all the nonbelievers will give them a chance too. Bravo!
Nancy Cantu
Grand Prairie, Texas

It's about time you got wise and put New Kids on the Block on your cover. Jordan Knight says he wants older girls at the concerts. Well, I'm 26 years old and I think New Kids are the hottest, sexiest guys I've ever seen. We "older girls" are glad you want us, Jordan. We want you too!
Karen D. Shawell
King of Prussia, Pa.

Thanks so much for the article on the New Kids. As an (older) fan of 23, I find their music upbeat and refreshing. Nice going, New Kids; you've got the right stuff!
Melissa Hanson
Alexandria, Va.

I'm a loyal New Kids fan and I always try to defend them, but when I read this article I was really disappointed. Don't get me wrong. I'm 15 years old and I still like the New Kids, but trying to widen their audience will only succeed in narrowing it, because we "younger" fans are the ones who put New Kids on the map!
Mandy Sullivan
Camby, Ind.

Okay, so the New Kids aren't the Beatles. I'd still rather have my 7-year-old daughter idolize them than someone like Madonna, who fondles her crotch and calls it entertainment.
Diane Klimowich
New York City

As a parent of a preteen girl, I am delighted a group such as the New Kids on the Block came along when they did. These guys are the type a mother wants her daughter to bring home with her.
Mellie Sudduth
McComb, Miss.

As a black teenager who loves the New Kids, I felt excluded by Donnie Wahlberg's quote about fans being "smart, feisty little white girls from the suburbs." Just because white girls from suburbia are in the majority, it doesn't mean they're the only ones out there. So, Donnie, I love ya, but wake up and give me a little recognition.
Sonya Ponds
Auburn, Ala.

Whom are you trying to kid? Comparing the New Kids on the Block with the Beatles is like comparing Mr. Ed with Secretariat. These kids do not have the look, sound or musical talent to start a career like the Beatles. If they spent as much time developing their musical talents as they do primping, they might have a chance.
Jack E. Shewmaker
Stockton, Calif.

So the New Kids are wondering why we "older girls" aren't at their concerts? Maybe it's because we prefer groups that are unique and don't want their faces plastered on every lunchbox in America.
Cheryl Wright
Sarasota, Fla.

Why doesn't everyone lay off Roseanne Barr? The people should blame the idiot who asked her to sing our national anthem. They should have expected as much.
Georgia Mellum
Oregon, Wis.

Let's be honest now. Did anybody really think that Roseanne Barr could sing?
Kathie Levy
Cheyenne, Wyo.

I was surprised at the lack of taste you showed in printing the photograph of Princess Stephanie topless. This is a family magazine.
Jennifer Oberhelman
San Bernardino, Calif.

Excuse me? Dr. Barbara De Angelis has been divorced four times? All while gaining wealth and fame teaching others and authoring books on relationships, love and commitment? Silly me. I thought genuine "compassion and understanding" came from recognizing one's own mistakes and working to overcome them. What's next? Axl Rose writing an etiquette column?
Sheri Morrison-Finnegan
Santa Ana, Calif.

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