updated 09/10/1990 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 09/10/1990 AT 01:00 AM EDT

After a couple of years of telling every talk show host and celebrity-magazine writer how much they want children. Cheers's Kirstie Alley, 35, and her husband, Baywatch's Parker Stevenson, 37, are finally getting their wish. Alley is pregnant with the couple's first child, which is due in March. The producers of Cheers say they will write her pregnancy into the script but have yet to figure out whether bartending love-machine Sam Malone (Ted Danson) or business mogul Robin Colcord (Roger Rees)—or maybe somebody new to the bar—will be the TV father of manager-demoted-to-waitress Rebecca Howe's baby.

Master funk guitarist Curtis Mayfield, 48, has been transferred to Shepherd Spinal Center in his hometown of Atlanta. Doctors there will determine whether spinal injuries he suffered in a freak accident on Aug. 13 in Brooklyn, N.Y., have left him permanently or only temporarily paralyzed. Mayfield, best known for 1972's Superfly theme song, was performing outdoors when a strong gust of wind brought a bank of overhead stage lights crashing down on his back. He is expected to remain at Shepherd for the next several months. "He's in good condition." a Shepherd spokesman says.

Mary Gormley Flatt, founder of the offbeat Eastern Onion Singing Telegram Co., died of cancer at age 42 in San Rafael, Calif. The nation's largest singing-message service, Eastern Onion's belly dancers, comic-book heroes and stripteasing policemen have sung birthday greetings, marriage proposals and other messages to such unsuspecting celebs as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Sinatra and Ronald Reagan and some 3 million other people. Flatt, an ex-waitress and house-cleaner, began Eastern Onion in 1976 after hearing a messenger give a feeble rendition of "Happy Birthday to You." Flatt never delivered a telegram herself. "She was nervous about singing in front of people," says her brother, Ed Gormley.

Sports-loving Prince Charles, 41, who for years has been dubbed Action Man by the British press, will be out of action for several months. The Prince was due for surgery late last week to repair a fracture in his upper right arm. Charles broke the arm in two places June 28 while playing polo. One of the fractures failed to heal, and doctors at the Queen's Medical Centre in Nottingham were scheduled to remove bone from the Prince's hip and graft it onto the fracture site in his arm. A metal plate and screws will then hold the splice together. "The operation is something that has to be done, and the Prince accepts this," his press secretary said, adding that Charles's elbow might be slightly, but permanently, bent.

Damon Wayans, 30 (below), younger brother of In Living Color's Keenen Ivory Wayans and a co-star on that Fox show, knows about big families—he and Keenen come from a family of 10. Now Damon and his wife, Lisa, 27, an ex-dancer, are expecting their fourth child at the end of this month....

And soap stud Steve (Santa Barbara) Bond, 37, and his wife, golfer Cindy Cox Bond, are expecting next March. The couple says daughter Ashlee, 5, really, really wants a sister.

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