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originally published 09/24/1990 AT 01:00 AM EDT

The story that most aroused readers of the Fall Preview issue (PEOPLE, Sept. 3) was our report on the verdict in the Central Park jogger case. Many correspondents were incensed that the families and supporters of the three young men convicted of raping the jogger are still proclaiming that the three were tried and found guilty merely because they are black.

Your Fall Preview was sensational. Now that I know fall holds something to look forward to, going back to school won't be such a drag.
Satya Onorato
Modesto, Calif.

I get sick to my stomach every time I read an article where blacks have turned the whole issue [of a crime] around to elude their own guilt and have transformed it into a racial issue. Policemen, lawyers, judges and politicians have had to learn to act cautiously in these situations in order to avoid being accused of racial discrimination. We have come so far from the days of segregation. Blacks have fought so hard to be treated as equals, and yet when treated as equals, they fall back into their security blanket—the racial discrimination excuse—as a way of not dealing with their responsibility for their own acts.
Maria A. Gonzales

I cannot believe Raymond Santana Sr. is worried about the bad habits his. son will learn while he is serving his time in prison. Rape is the worst thing a woman could live through. If anything, Santana Sr. should worry about what his son will teach the other inmates.
Trisha L. Hogan
San Luis Obispo, Calif.

It was repulsive to see Sharpton Salaam posing with her son Yusef near the scene of the rape. Have these people no shame?
M. Mead
Red Bank, N.J.

Why doesn't Al Sharpton worry more about losing weight than sticking his nose into every situation he considers "racism"? I am not prejudiced, but it is people like him who promote racial problems. When people stop making every situation a racial issue and realize there are good and bad people in every race, then maybe we can work together as brothers and sisters to solve the problem.
Laurie Mazzamauro
Waterbury, Conn.

Why is it that the white boys who murdered Yusuf Hawkins were let off so easily, both in court and in media coverage, while the black boys who attacked the Central Park jogger were not only convicted but painted by the media as wild beasts? Surely, Yusuf was just as innocent a victim as the woman who was attacked and raped. I am appalled that columnist Patrick Buchanan would suggest that one of the accused rapists be publicly hanged! I don't recall any such outburst by a public figure in defense of the now voiceless Yusuf Hawkins.
Cerrina Martin
Fair Oaks, Calif.

Your article on Ike Turner absolutely turned my stomach. He may be a musical legend, but the bottom line is that this man is a drug addict, a wife abuser, a womanizer and a felon who has no remorse for his sick behavior. And he is going to sue Tina for slander and royalties because "the name Tina Turner belongs to me"? Through her hard work and perseverance, she has made a name for herself. He doesn't deserve a penny of what she has earned. The youngsters in prison who look up to this man had better turn their heads, because if they use him as an idol we're going to have a lot more Ike Turners running around loose—heaven forbid!
Tammi Britney
Los Angeles

Ike Turner belongs in prison not only for drug abuse and possession but for the abuse he has inflicted on Tina. Tina Turner is a very strong woman for whom I have a lot of respect. It is obvious, however, that Ike is a self-centered individual who feels the world owes him. As far as I am concerned, the world gave him exactly what he deserved.
Julie Ray
Sacramento, Calif.

I've faithfully read PEOPLE for most of its 16 years. I've bought it through good articles and bad, but your skimpy tribute to Pearl Bailey was a slap in the face. Pearl Bailey had a long and illustrious career that spanned several decades. Greta Garbo was in movies for only a short while, then chose the life of a recluse, yet she somehow received several pages. By contrast. Miss Bailey spent her life serving others as a goodwill ambassador and she only merits one short article? I am ashamed of you. PEOPLE.
Veronica Jennings

After reading Ralph Novak's rave review of Exorcist III, I am convinced he is possessed by the devil himself. About three people in the audience levitated toward the exit sign and the word "bomb" appeared on my chest as my head rotated in circles during the first 20 minutes of this stinker!
Howard Shapiro
New York City

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