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originally published 10/08/1990 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Most correspondents were pleased with our story on Julia Roberts (PEOPLE, Sept. 17), though a couple of skeptics questioned her attitude. Still, Roberts fared far better with our readers than Minister Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the black separatist Nation of Islam.

Thank you for your article on Julia Roberts. It's nice to read about somebody so pleasant, lively and sincere. Not only is she naturally beautiful, but she's also a terrific actress. It's great to see that her well-deserved success hasn't made her any less real.
Charlene Watkins
Scarborough, Ont.

Julia Roberts has been one of my favorite actresses since Mystic Pizza. She is a shining example of a small-city southern girl who hit it big.
Carrie Terrio
Shreveport, La.

Your jewel Julia Roberts gave a cubic zirconia performance during an interview on a local television station recently. Now I believe her to be just another one of Hollywood's kids sporting a 24-carat attitude. Remind dear Julia for me that she is just one "stone" in the display case and that we can all window-shop without buying.
Guy Phillips
Chesterfield, Mo.

Come on, PEOPLE, give me a break. The only good thing about Julia Roberts is Kiefer Sutherland. He can put sugar in my coffee anytime.
Dolly Knight-Hughes
Warner Robins, Ga.

Being a student living in Gainesville, I know how it feels to live in fear. I call my parents twice a day. I sleep with a knife under my pillow. To say Gainesville is in shock is an understatement. You can feel the fear and anger in the air. Knowing a killer is still loose makes living a normal life almost impossible. I pray that this person is caught before anyone else is made a victim.
Rhonda Lynn Webb
Gainesville, Fla.

As a close friend of Christi Powell's, one of the five students murdered in Gainesville, I want to say something on behalf of those who had the opportunity to know and love her. She was one of the most vivacious, giving and caring people I have ever known. She was like a little sister to me and touched my life in a real and unique way. We love you, Christi, and miss you more than words can say.
Caiman Falls

Your story brought tears to my eyes for the families of the Florida University students murdered recently. It's a real tragedy that these bright young people have to suffer for someone else's sickness. When a guy like Edward Humphrey walks around in combat vests, carries hunting knives, throws himself out of a car and talks to Satan, doesn't this give somebody a clue?
Name withheld
Foster City, Calif.

Edward Humphrey is still being held in connection with an assault on his grandmother but has not been charged with any of the Gainesville murders.—ED.

I am outraged that PEOPLE would give Louis Farrakhan a voice. His racism and anti-Semitism are well-documented, and his statements are full of falsehoods. How dare he equate the terrible plight of blacks in America to the Holocaust! I can't understand why PEOPLE helped fan the flames in spreading his vitriolic words.
Diana Rollnick
New York City

Sorry to disappoint you, Minister Farrakhan, but this is one black American who has no desire to live with you, your followers or all the black criminals of America in the jungles of Africa.
Theresa A. Sanders
New York City

Louis Farrakhan was, is, and will always be a frightening man. I live in the South, and I treat blacks with the same respect as I would treat anyone. Farrakhan has always wanted to turn blacks against whites. I wish he would disappear so we could all live in better harmony.
Sheila Towns
Winter Haven, Fla.

I find the 16-page Quayle Quarterly unbelievable. How can two Americans actually spend time writing and publishing a magazine making fun of the Vice President of the United States? It really bothers me to think that our political scene has gotten so trivial. Republicans and Democrats need to remember that we're all supposed to be on the same team instead of head-to-head with each other.
Tammy Wendling
Opelika, Ala.

I admire Tom Cassidy and his willingness to share his story. Very few people have the courage to do that, especially if they are already in the public eye. It's true that ever since Ryan White died, AIDS has lacked a face. Tom Cassidy is the face of AIDS, and he's brave enough to look at himself. Great story.
Amy H. Wu
Thornwood, N.Y.

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