Picks and Pans Review: World Clique

updated 10/08/1990 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 10/08/1990 AT 01:00 AM EDT


To be fair about this, dance music often does its job well. But so does a nuclear warhead, and nobody really wants to be around when one of those works either. Most dance-club stuff these days is monotonous technothrob; it'll get your feet moving, but is the accompanying headache really necessary?

Deee-lite is the aspirin of dance music. Maybe that's because this trio of New York City-based hipsters has a sense of humor. Maybe it's because they actually use some real instruments and real musicians instead of just sampling them. Whatever the reason. World Clique bubbles with energy.

Deee-lite's deejays, Towa Towa and Dmitry, mix their percolating rhythms so well that you can't tell where they end and real music begins. Lady Miss Kier wraps soaring soul vocals around this mix, and she sounds like Lisa Stansfield.

Funk hall of famer Bootsy Collins on bass and lead guitar contributes background growls to the hopping "Groove Is in the Heart." which includes a little rap from Q-Tip of a Tribe Called Quest. In the name of cultural breadth, the group even tosses in occasional cheesy organ riffs, echoes of '60s game shows, to introduce the title track and on "Who Was That?"

As the B-52's did for rock a decade ago and De La Soul did for rap last year, Deee-lite perks up dance music by throwing in whatever goofball idea it takes to have a good time. (Elektra)

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