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updated 10/08/1990 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 10/08/1990 AT 01:00 AM EDT


Paula Abdul has made a superstar name for herself in the worlds of dance and music, but can she act? We'll soon find out.

Sources tell us that Paula's agents at Hollywood's powerful Creative Artists Agency are about to make a deal for Abdul to perform a supporting dramatic role in the movie Singles. Cameron Crowe, who earlier made the well-reviewed Say Anything, wrote the romantic comedy and will direct it for Warner Bros.

A source close to the singer says Abdul chose Singles over many other scripts she had been sent because it offered her the opportunity to do something nonmusical.

"She felt it was important for her overall career," says the source, "to go against the grain and run counter to the obvious."


What would Ozzie Nelson have said? That's what we were thinking when we found out that two strippers showed up recently at the birthday party of Ozzie's twin grandsons, Matthew and Gunnar. The late Rick Nelson's sons, now 22 and recording under the band name Nelson, were on a Los Angeles soundstage celebrating their birthdays and the fact that their current single, "(Can't Live Without Your) Love and Affection," had topped the pop charts, when two women suddenly showed up and began undressing.

Now mind you, Ozzie's widow, Harriet Nelson, 76, was there eating chicken with the other guests when the strippers went into their act.

But thankfully the wholesome image of the old Ozzie and Harriet TV show was upheld by the twins' older sister, actress Tracy (Father Dowling Mysteries) Nelson, 26. According to a source at the event, Tracy paid the strippers extra to ensure that they didn't take it "all" off.


Director Francis Ford Coppola, 51, is hard at work finishing his eagerly awaited The Godfather, Part III, which Paramount had scheduled for a Nov. 21 release to capture the lucrative holiday business.

You can now make other plans for Nov. 21. Paramount announced that Coppola had taken his crew back into the streets for reshooting. As a result the studio has pushed back Godfather III's opening to Christmas Day, but some sources say that too maybe the studio's wishful thinking.


Just what Donald Trump, 44, needed on top of a sagging real-estate market in New York City: a crisis in the Persian Gulf that has driven oil prices skyward and made it more difficult for him to sell his 282-ft. luxury yacht, the Trump Princess.

The boat, you'll recall, was built by Adnan Khashoggi at a reported cost of $70 million. Khashoggi lost the boat when he defaulted on a loan from the Sultan of Brunei. The Sultan then turned around and sold the yacht to Trump for some $30 million. Trump immediately spent an additional $8 million refurbishing it with gold faucets, sinks and window frames.

In Trump's salad days, a source says, it cost an estimated $5 million a year to keep the Princess afloat. But times have changed for the developer, and although the vessel now operates with a skeleton crew and costs have been greatly reduced, Trump needs to sell the boat to keep within the $450,000-a-month personal-spending limit imposed on him by his banks.

But Trump can't seem to find a buyer. One of our best Trump watchers tells us The Donald has been showcasing the boat in waters between Tokyo and Hong Kong in hopes of interesting rich Asian businessmen. "Even that's proving tough," says the source. "Between Khashoggi and Trump, the feeling over there is that the boat has become bad luck."

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