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John F. Kennedy
I was touched by your cover story on President John F. Kennedy's assassination (PEOPLE, NOV. 28). I was 10 years old, in elementary art class, when the principal announced to my school that the President had been shot. My birthday is the same day as JFK's was, and I had sent him a card every year. I adored him. To this day I admire his courage. He urged progress for this country in racial equality, in space exploration, in fighting poverty. As for the tell-all tales of his escapades out of the limelight, I doubt they were more serious than what many other adults in this country do when they think nobody's looking. John Kennedy was not perfect, but America is a better nation for having known him.
Dara Lyon-Warner
Kalamazoo, Mich.

Reading about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, I feel a profound sense of loss for a man I can only know through film clips and history books. I was 8 months old on that November day, when I was robbed of the opportunity to reap the benefits of his promises. As a new mother, I grieve for his family. I grieve for the people of this nation and our loss of innocence and optimism. But mainly, I grieve for myself and what might have been.
Kristee McChargue
Brea, Calif.

Although John Fitzgerald Kennedy had been gone for more than two years before I was born, I mourn him as if he were my own kin. But I think he was kin—to each and every American. In this, the 25th year after his death, we all still ache with his loss.
Shael Fournier
Tiverton, R.I.

When John F. Kennedy was President, I believed anything was possible. When he was assassinated, I realized anything could happen.
Patricia B. Rosen
Wayne, N.J.

Steve Largent
Maybe now the rest of the world will find out what we in the Northwest have always known. Steve Largent is one of the finest football players and human beings ever to play the game. With drug suspensions, alcohol abuse, contract renegotiations, strikes, etc., it's refreshing to have an athlete honor what he has signed. Besides being a consummate professional, he also has his priorities in order—God, family, then football. Steve has won what most athletes only dream of, the respect and adoration of the fans.
Jon Kowalczyk
Mt. Vernon, Wash.

Thank you for your story on Steve Largent. Finally, America's kids can again have a sports figure to look up to.
Candice Baugh
Hurst, Texas

Fran and Don Wallace
I was fascinated by the article on Fran and Don Wallace and their discovery of lead poisoning from crockery. We lived in Europe for a number of years and have a sizable collection of clay crockery. The article mentions a do-it-yourself kit developed by the Wallaces to test for lead. Could you please tell me how I can obtain one of these kits?
Alan C. Chalfont
Newton, Pa.

To send for the Wallace's do-it-yourself test for lead in pottery, write: Frandon Enterprises, 511 North 48th Street, Seattle, Wash. 98103—ED.

Teen Saferides
I wish that Teen Saferides had existed in our city the night of Feb. 22, 1986, when our youngest brother, Thomas Walker, made the ill-fated decision to drive home after drinking enough beer to give himself a blood alcohol level of 0.2. Even buckling his seat belt didn't save his life. Congratulations to all the teens who are working so hard to save other families from knowing the incredible pain that we will carry.
Mary Christine Walker
Washington, D.C.

I would like to respond to Laura L. Boyles's comment that the public's attention and money would have been better spent on humans rather than on saving the three whales in Alaska. Why must we always compare human life with the value of animal life? We humans have completely dominated the planet; does this mean that we are the only important creatures in the world?
Cristina Lee Caron
Half Moon Bay, Calif.

Humans are not an endangered species. Humans are an endangering species.
Lonnie A. Harvey
Cherry Point, N.C.

It really gets me that some people can't be happy for Jessica McClure and her family. From the pictures, Jessica looked very happy. I think she and her parents deserve what they got, if for nothing more than the fear and anguish they went through during those long hours. We shouldn't begrudge or be jealous of their new fortune.
May Nickerson
Newport, Maine

Nevada Mustangs
The statements attributed to my son, Art Bergonzoni Jr. (PEOPLE, NOV. 21) are in error. Contrary to your story, Art is opposed to the senseless killing of Nevada's wild mustangs. The article also stated that I am a "broke rancher." I have never resided in Nevada and have never been a rancher. I have been a moderately successful businessman for over 40 years in sales and management in St. Joseph, Mo.
Arthur Bergonzoni Sr.
St. Joseph, Mo.

We regret the error—ED.

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