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updated 12/26/1988 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 12/26/1988 AT 01:00 AM EST


40 George Bush, affable in victory, discusses his new job and a possible White House horseshoe pit

46 Roseanne Barr, a revolutionary among hausfraus, scores a fat hit on prime-time TV

48 Athina, Christina Onassis' little girl, comes into a legacy of fame, wealth and misfortune

50 The Cyberpunk, four-eyed terror of the computer world, arouses terminal anxiety

54 Mike Tyson vanquishes all comers in the ring only to lose badly in love

59 Lisa Marie Presley chooses marriage and motherhood over the excesses that undid her father

60 Benazir Bhutto, after a seesaw life of privilege and prison, becomes Pakistan's Prime Minister

63 Liz Taylor proves again that beauty, style and courage come in many shapes and forms

66 Michelle Pfeiffer, talented, lovely and, at last, successful, scores a cinematic hat trick

71 Jesse Jackson's candidacy beat the odds and vaulted him to the ranks of power brokers

72 Phantom of the Opera comes back to haunt us with a melodramatic tale of unrequited love

74 Merv Griffin, erstwhile talk show host, reemerges as a billionaire takeover titan

76 Anne Tyler burnishes her reputation as an artful chronicler of the everyday

78 Orel Hershiser looks like an accountant but the zeroes he put up made him a pitching legend

80 Jodie Foster, former titillating teen, returns to films as a poised, self-possessed actress

82 Shi Peipu inspired Broadway's M. Butterfly, the strangest love story ever told

84 Kevin Costner's portrayal of a minor-leaguer made Bull Durham a major hit

86 Florence Griffith Joyner burned up the track to become speed queen of Seoul

88 David Hockney, featured in a major retrospective, takes America to art

90 Jessica Rabbit drew crowds as the silver screen's most notorious painted lady

99 Stephen Hawking, cosmologist, pondered the essence of time in a best-seller

100 Tom Hanks finally made it big by making Big and Punchline

102 Fergie, the jolly redhead Britain once loved, suffers a round of Duchess-bashing

104 Tracy Chapman made social consciousness hip again with a resonant debut album

106 sage Volkman, recovering from severe burns, shows courage beyond comprehension

Picks & Pans 14
The editors scour the events of 1988 for words to live by, pictures worth 10,000 words, or at least a decent chili recipe. They found no chili recipes but still rate the year's best and worst in TV, video, movies, books and records

Debuts 108
Dan Quayle, Patti Scialfa, the Stealth Bomber and others go from the sidelines to the headlines

Sly's Dates 123
Gitte had got up and gone, but it was hardly a lonesome year for Sly Stallone

Parody 126
Leona Helmsley, Imelda Marcos and Bess Myerson star in a sin-steeped story of love, lust and litigation

Gotcha! 128
Inquiring photographers catch J.D. Salinger, Madonna, Prince Charles and Jerry Lewis in the hard-to-top act of being themselves

In Search of Elvis 138
Elvis Presley, dead 11 years, made more news than most living celebs

Sequels 142
Lionel Richie made up, Alaska Men made out, the Del Rubios made money, and the Benson & Hedges man made do

Double Takes 166
Yes, Phil Donahue, Michael Dukakis, Jane Seymour, Mick Fleetwood and Muammar Gaddafi really would do a thing like that. Look and see

On the Beach 178
The tide receded in '88 for Al Sharpton, Gary Hart, Ben Johnson and other notable washouts

Into the Sunset 180
Ronald Reagan, the President who reminded us of all the good in ourselves and in America, says goodbye

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