Lisa Marie Presley

updated 12/26/1988 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 12/26/1988 AT 01:00 AM EST

Look at her. She has the same lizard-lidded eyes, the same cute little drop-seat mouth that marred and made her daddy's famous face. Like her old man, Lisa Marie Presley exudes a none-too-subtle effluence of brat and sings, it's said, with instinctive ease and wooing charm. Elvis lives in this young lady's genes, but how much of what he passed on to her (aside from his $50 million estate) does she intend to use? For most of her 20 years there has been no way to know. Blockaded by bodyguards, hidden in obscure private schools, clutched in the jealous arms of the Church of Scientology, Lisa Marie has been a cosseted emblem: a celebrity in absentia.

But in 1988, after an adolescent flutter with cocaine, she made a definite adult statement about the life she wants to live. Three months pregnant, she arranged to be married secretly and, after a Caribbean honeymoon, settled down in the Los Angeles area with the father of her child, a 23-year-old bass player named Danny Keough. Sober, dependable, well-educated, Danny has nothing in common with Elvis except his love of music—and of Lisa. Friends claim he has signed away all rights to her inheritance. "Danny's got a lot of self-respect," Lisa says. "He's really out to do his own thing."

So is Lisa, and right now her thing is having a home and a family. If she has resisted pressures to follow her father into show business, she also seems determined to shun the tortuous path of self-indulgence that led him to an early grave.

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