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Robin Givens
It amazes me that Robin Givens is so egocentric that she cannot see what she did wrong and why people dislike her (PEOPLE, Dec. 19). Aside from the fact that she may or may not have married Tyson for his money and power, I view Miss Givens as anything but nice. Nor do I think she is being "fair" when she brings a $125 million libel suit against her husband for calling her a name after she publicly humiliated him on national television. If she really wants all this behind her, she should stop giving inflammatory interviews, leaving her to get on with her life and able to sink back into the relative obscurity from which she came.
Joy Riley
Los Angeles

All of America doesn't hate you, Robin, just the majority. You're a selfish, self-centered brat who miscalculated that nobody would notice your gold-digging. Sorry, Robin, we all noticed and gagged. Mike Tyson is no saint, but he still didn't deserve you.
Mike Barnhill
Orlando, Fla.

Roy Orbison
You hit a new low when you put Robin Givens on your cover rather than Roy Orbison. What has she done for America other than sell magazines and bore us with her life? Roy Orbison deserved a better send-off than that. Here's another reason to hate Robin Givens.
Joni Kress
Falls Church, Va.

I've often wished I had a dollar for every time, as a teen in the '60s, I sat with friends eating pizza and listening to "Oh, Pretty Woman." Mercy! Thankfully, I still have priceless memories of those times, and Roy Orbison's special gift of song will always be part of them.
Lonnie H. Stone
Huntsville, Ala.

Charlie Wedemeyer
The story of Coach Charlie Wedemeyer and his family was nothing short of inspiring. I have multiple sclerosis, which has become more severe in recent months, but it still does not compare with the disease of Coach Wedemeyer. Even so, I sometimes have to force myself to keep a positive attitude and not wallow in self-pity. We all have to play the hand we are dealt, but some people (like the coach and his family) do it with more class than the rest of us.
Margaret K. Jackson
Chickasha, Okla.

Gary Busey
Our 21-year-old son, Bill, is gone forever, due to severe head injuries as a result of a motorcycle accident when a car hit him. He was not wearing a helmet. Ohio has no helmet law for drivers over 18 because of pressure by those who demanded "a choice." Our choice was to donate Bill's organs so that three others could live. Count your blessings, Mr. Busey.
Patricia Kumpf
North Canton, Ohio

I am writing in regard to the article that included a picture of myself and my wife driving my Harley-Davidson. This photograph was taken for a story that appeared in PEOPLE several years ago. I own five helmets and rarely ride without one. We were specifically requested by your photographer to remove our helmets before the photograph was taken. I feel that your use of the photograph without our helmets is unfair and is a misrepresentation to the public. My opposition to the helmet law is based on the premise that adults should be permitted to make their own decisions without government dictating the rules and regulations regarding accessories to be worn while operating a motorcycle. I am a strong advocate of driver education and seek more stringent examinations and testing prior to the issuance of a motorcycle license. Further, I am in favor of required usage of helmets for motorcyclists under the age of 21. Motorcycling is a fun sport that must be taken seriously, and I have never advocated the "star status devil-may-care" image you have wrongfully portrayed.
Jay Leno
Los Angeles

At or near the top of the list of selfish people are those like Gary Busey and my husband, who cite "personal decision" and "government interference" as reasons for not wearing a helmet. They think that their actions affect only themselves. Despite my pleas, my husband refused to wear a helmet. Three years ago he suffered a severe head injury in a motorcycle accident and has been bedridden ever since. Guess who takes care of him? Guess whose kids have no father to play with them? Guess whose family has monumental debts and no money to pay the bills? My husband's "me first" selfish attitude has ruined our lives.

Celebrity Restaurants
Alan Richman must have been at a different Charo's in Hawaii than we were. The water was warm, and the food was cold and overpriced. We didn't see Charo or any kind of entertainment. The only thing that made it worthwhile was the beautiful drive to get there.
Patricia A. Sweeney
Sheboygan Falls, Wis.

Shame on you, Alan Richman, for your vicious attack on my favorite Manhattan restaurant, Columbus. You should have tried their fabulous chicken pot pie or fettuccine Andrea. In the evening there's a nice basket of fresh, crunchy vegetables for dipping. Robin Williams was there the last time I had dinner. He appeared to be having a good time, too.
Maxine Melvin
New York City

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