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originally published 01/23/1989 AT 01:00 AM EST

I have never received a more beautiful, well-done issue than this one. I was in awe of the photos and layouts and especially enjoyed the section called Sequels. It's good to know what happened to the people you have featured.
Wanda Krohn-Fink

According to Webster's dictionary, intriguing is defined as "arousing the interest or curiosity of." I couldn't care less if Fergie's skirt blew up. As for Liz, we already know she's either at the altar, the fridge or the Betty Ford Center. I'd rather see an unknown, interesting person on the cover of PEOPLE than those same old photos you dig up.
Lynn Sumner
Youngstown, Ohio

I have a difficult time understanding how you could omit Michael and Kitty Dukakis from your list of the 25 Most Intriguing. One of your own issues touted the fact that this man cleans, cooks, and takes out his own garbage.
Ken Wilkie
Overland Park, Kans.

No other politician has ever moved me as much as George Bush has. The fact that he appears so human and has such a wonderful family makes him all the more appealing.
Jana Dickey
Mobile, Ala.

Get it together. In the Bush piece, you describe the Reagan legacy as "a parlous economy, an abused environment, a Soviet Union aboil with change—that we now face." Yet on the last page of the magazine you rhapsodize on Reagan's tenure that "the country isn't looking too bad." Well, which is it? I've had more than enough of President Feelgood and am deeply disturbed that we've now doomed ourselves to more of the same. The only difference between the two men is that Bush's kids appear to like their father.
Elisabeth Costello

Your article on Merv Griffin was ridiculous. Merv did not "win" anything from Donald Trump. There was no "seizing control" of Resorts International. I received approximately $100 million for my stock and $63 million for the cancellation of my management agreement. Additionally, I got Resorts' crown jewel, the Taj Mahal. Your statement that Merv Griffin has now become a billionaire is a total joke because you failed to deduct the approximately $1 billion in debt incurred by Mr. Griffin in the Resorts deal from his worth. After this deal, Merv is not only not a billionaire, he probably won't even be a millionaire. While everyone tries to beat Donald Trump, not too many have succeeded. Merv reminds me of a prizefighter who makes a great deal of money in the ring, or in Merv's case by selling a game show, and then loses it by deciding to go into business.
Donald J. Trump
New York City

I was in the fifth grade when Ms. Volk-man, a teacher at my school, came to my class and told us that she had been away because of Sage's accident. I was shocked. I would have given up, but Sage is one of those special people who refuses to quit. I'm thrilled that she was acknowledged along with people like Elizabeth Taylor and the Duchess of York.
Kristina Conine
Rio Rancho, N.Mex.

As an Elvis fan of 32 years, I don't know if Elvis is still alive. But if he is, he wouldn't advertise it by walking around in public in a stage outfit. Come on, admit that the photos were just a joke.
Patricia Gerber
Placerville, Calif.

Of all the articles I have read, I enjoyed your sneak photos of Elvis the most. Though I have never been a diehard fan, you have put Mr. Presley in the proper context. This is not exploiting him. It is poking fun at those who do. Continue to express humor in this magazine. It's a relief from the other articles we read today.
Cynthia Young
West Paducah, Ky.

On behalf of all the film buffs who booed and hissed Ted Turner when he colorized great black-and-white movie classics like The Maltese Falcon and Casablanca, I salute you at PEOPLE. YOU have given us a wonderful portrait of the true Turner.
Ann Dusterhoff
Olney, Md.

With all the mudslinging that has gone on this past year, it was nice to see an article that praised the man who holds the highest office, instead of the usual put-down.
Michelle Castro
West Sacramento, Calif.

Ronald Reagan's Administration was wracked by ethics scandals and abuses in government, and his delegation of responsibility produced the Iran-contra mess, which cost taxpayers millions, created a secret government within the White House and destroyed our credibility abroad. Who says "No one really wanted to see him punished for it"?
Frances Veeder
Hillsboro, N.H.

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