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BUOYS AND GIRLS: As practicing Catholics, Tequila Sunrise star MEL GIBSON and wife ROBYN (left) reject birth control. The result: five kids, ages 1 to 9. But a growing family can leave Mel feeling a bit at sea. "Every time Robyn gets pregnant," Gibson joked to London's Sunday Mirror Magazine, "I feel like running away and joining the navy."

BONNIE DEAREST: FAYE DUNAWAY has put her 21-year movie career in perspective. "I've given the public some of the strongest women characters they've known on film—in Bonnie and Clyde, Network, even Chinatown," says Dunaway, who stars as a diplomat's unfulfilled wife with KLAUS MARIA BRANDAUER in the just-released Burning Secret. "My favorite character undoubtedly was Bonnie because she was the closest to me as I actually am." Dunaway doesn't mean she resembles a ruthless killer, but says, "Let's face it, it was a hell of a lot better than being JOAN CRAWFORD in Mommie Dearest."

A BOMB RAP: Apathy about—or sympathy for—the Irish Republican Army's terrorist tactics in Northern Ireland and England gets U2 lead singer BONO's Irish up. "One of the things I most dislike about my country and countrymen is the ambivalence towards the Irish Republican Army within a small minority of the population," said Bono (who comes from Dublin), during a syndicated radio interview to be broadcast late this week on the United Stations Programming Network. "One day they're appalled by what they see—innocent children blown up in a school bus—and the next day, when the IRA does something 'right,' they're 'the boys.' "

NEVER METAPHOR HE DIDN'T LIKE: Great Britain's PRINCE PHILIP, who admits he has at times suffered from "dontopedology," or "the art of opening your mouth and putting your foot in it," recently had a relapse. Defending his love of hunting, he asserted that there was no moral difference between killing animals for sport and butchering them for money. "I am not sure that doing something for money makes it any more moral," the prince told American reporters at a London luncheon. "I am not sure that a prostitute is more moral than a wife, but they are doing the same thing. It is rather like saying it is perfectly all right to commit adultery providing you don't enjoy it."

AIMS FOR HIGH C NOTES: After investing 10 years' work as the director of the nonprofit New York City Opera, BEVERLY SILLS, 59, is ready to collect her diva-dends. "I want to go into the profit-making world," said Sills at her recent retirement party from that job in New York. "I want to leave my tin cup at home. I would like to work for a while without having to raise funds. Certainly I'll continue to help the opera, but I don't want to do it for a living." Seems like Bubbles will get her way, since her next project is a daily TV talk show scheduled to start later this year.

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