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originally published 02/20/1989 AT 01:00 AM EST

Your article on the First Family (PEOPLE, Jan. 30) gave me chills, and a tear or two. The love, respect and devotion the Bush family share with each other, and the children's loyalty to the President and Mrs. Bush, are heartwarming. My first vote for a Republican President and what a sense of comfort I've gained. He's the best person for the job, and I feel like my grandparents are in the White House watching out for me. It may not be Camelot, but that was then and this is now.
Melanie Little
North Myrtle Beach, S.C.

George and Barbara Bush appear to be wonderful, caring parents who made thoughtful and intelligent decisions concerning their offspring. Yet one question still puzzles me: Why Dan Quayle?
Diane Bjelland
Costa Mesa, Calif.

Whatever one's personal political persuasion, the Bushes are a charming and close-knit family that seem just right for the times. I voted for George Bush very reluctantly, and even while doing so I asked myself why. Your article answered that question for me. Now that I know that Bush is related to the incandescent, divine Bette Davis, how could anyone even suggest he is a wimp?
Edward Tabela
East Providence, R.I.

A ninth cousin, twice removed? A seventh cousin, four times removed? You guys are hard-up for noble ancestors for George Bush. Why not go all the way and put Adam on the list, nine-thousandth uncle, three hundred times removed?
Benjamin Hurt
New York City

Your article on the L'Esperance quints' first birthday sounded like a request for charity. I am surprised it didn't include an address so we could send donations. I have two children, a preschooler and an infant, and I don't see anyone sending me free baby food.
Carole Rygwalski
White Bear Lake, Minn.

I cannot believe that in this world of cars being crashed on television every day that a car manufacturer has not donated a van for this family. It would be wonderful advertising. Wake up, Ford, Chevrolet, Volvo, Toyota. We're talking major good will.
Hazel Bishop
Santa Rosa, Calif.

It's a real shame when con men like Donald Lowry can exploit human emotions to make a buck. He surely must have been a victim of loneliness at some time. Otherwise, how could he understand how gullible lonely people can be? Still, what he did was heinous. Donald can thank God I'm not his jury.
Karen Little
Mount Prospect, Ill.

Reading about the Church of Love made me sick. The victims were only the lonely? Ha! The "victims" were perverted, sick old coots who deserved to lose their money to some con man. Too bad they can't be put in jail along with Donald Lowry. Now they'll just have to resort to some other form of pornography.
Cheryl Perry
Irwin, Pa.

Our teacher, Miss Shott, showed us the article about Andy the Goose in your magazine. We were learning about handicaps, and Andy's story taught us about how to treat a person that has a handicap. We need to treat them the same way we would treat a normal person. We made pictures of Andy for Mr. Flemming. Could you please send them to him?
Miss Shott's
First Grade Class
Franklin, N.J.

It would be our pleasure.—ED.

The article on Ray Shinholser brought tears to my eyes because it hit close to home. My husband was starting a sideline of country music when he was killed, and I was left with three young children. They adored hearing their father sing and play. I would love to get a copy of Ray's cassette "Momma, When's Daddy Coming Home?" Where can I send for one?
Linda Splinter
Dubuque, Iowa

Donations to the National Police Memorial or requests for the $5 tape may be sent to: Fraternal Order of Police/Ray Shinholser Memorial Fund, 530 Washington Street, Jacksonville, Fla. 32202.—ED.

I agree with Jeff Jarvis that Pat Sajak certainly is a joy to watch. But I also enjoy The Arsenio Hall Show. After months of seeing reruns during the writers' strike and then all the reruns that are on now, it is a joy to turn on the TV again and have live shows. Johnny Carson better wake up to the fact that we are sick of The Best of Carson three weeks out of four.
Norma G. Schenk
Great Bend, Kans.

The Arsenio Hall Show deserves an A. What is wrong with a talk show host kicking back with some friends and getting a little personal? The show isn't fake or mushy. As for Pat Sajak, I've met more exciting insurance salesmen.
Brandi Salem
Manhattan Beach, Calif.

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