Take One

updated 02/20/1989 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 02/20/1989 AT 01:00 AM EST

He had been in trouble before—carrying a concealed, loaded handgun and making a bomb threat—but it has been a long, fast fall for Todd Bridges since his days on NBC's Diff'rent Strokes. The former co-star of Gary Coleman's (see story, p. 49) is now in the Parker Center Jail in Los Angeles on attempted murder charges. Police say Bridges, 23, argued with Kenneth Clay, 25, in a suspected crack house in L.A. on Feb. 2 and then shot Clay five times with a .22-cal. pistol, leaving him seriously wounded. Bridges, who is being held without bail, had been arrested in the same house nine days earlier for possession of cocaine. Bridges' mother, Betty, says Todd told her his addiction to cocaine got him "into this situation." Mrs. Bridges says that Todd was nearly broke when Strokes went off the air after eight years in 1986. She says that he has had a hard time dealing with his parents' recent divorce and the motorcycle-accident death last November of his best friend, comedian Jesse Aragon. Aragon helped Todd last summer, after the actor underwent 30 days of drug treatment. Todd's trial is set for Feb. 17. He faces a possible life sentence.

Melanie Griffith, though no stranger to nudity (check Something Wild and Body Double), has been getting flak for her topless vacuuming scene in Working Girl. Critics say it's gratuitous skin. But Melanie's own mom, Tippi (The Birds) Hedren, found the scene absolutely true to life. "If Melanie was in a mad panic to get something done, she'd have taken her clothes off and just done it," says Tippi. "I don't usually think nudity scenes are funny. But I thought this was hysterical." The scene is the only segment left of a montage of Melanie frantically doffing her clothes, piece by piece, while simultaneously cleaning boss Sigourney Weaver's house.

Guns n' Roses' Axl Rose, left, who already has a police record, and his younger brother, Stuart Bailey, were arrested on Jan. 17 for disorderly conduct and public drunkenness by Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies after the cops responded to a 5:30 A.M. complaint at the apartment of Guns lead guitarist Saul "Slash" Hudson. Deputy J. Morales, who didn't recognize Rose, says the brothers smelled of alcohol and had bloodshot eyes. The report says Rose told the officers, "Do you know who we are? I'm a millionaire. I can have your stupid ass." Morales says Bailey grabbed his shoulder and Morales hit him with his flashlight, whereupon Rose clenched his fist at Morales and said, "That's police brutality.... This is good for at least a couple of million." Rose and Bailey were detained at the drunk tank for six hours, but no charges were filed. The publicist for Guns at Geffen Records said she had no knowledge of the arrest.

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