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updated 03/06/1989 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 03/06/1989 AT 01:00 AM EST

Celebrity is an ephemeral thing, impossible to calculate. But we calculated it anyway, on a scale of 1 to 10, for 10 quintessential celebs. To create the following graphs, we relied on a dash of conventional wisdom, a bank of Cray computers and an internationally accepted formula in which the combined age of the Landers sisters is divided by the number of Moonlighting reruns in a given year. The results are scientifically accurate to within plus-or-minus Herve Villechaize's shoe size.


Appears in Daisy Miller
At Long Last love
Maries David ford, a Mercedes auto parts manager in Memphis
Divorces; form agent tells her: "Cybill, you've been in Memphis for four years. You might as well be dead."
Lands role in Moonlighting
Marries L.A. chiropractor Bruce Oppenheim
Receives a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame
Marital trouble with chiropractor Bruce Oppenheim


Moves show from Dayton to Chicago
Marlo Thomas appears on show, calls him "loving and generous and generous and wonderful."
Dates Marlo
Marries Marlo
Oprah wins daytime talk show Emmy
Appears on show in drag: "Don't call me intelligent, call me outrageous!"


Appears as evil midget in The Man with the Golden Gun
Land role as Tattoo on Fantasy Island
Appears in The One and Only with Henry Winkler
N.Y. deli names half a sandwich after him
Quits Fantasy Island in salary dispute
Appears in Red Lobster commercial
Press agent: "You wanna know what he's done since 1985? Not much."


At 18, returns to U.S. from Europe with husband John

Appears in Orca, the Killer Whale

Appears in 10

A Change of Seasons


Appears in Playboy


Celebrates 30th birthday at Regine' with billionaire Adnan Khashoggi and Mick Jagger

Appears on Entertainment Tonight


Appears in film Freaky Friday
Lands role as Lucy Ewing on Dallas
Gets married on Dallas; 65 million watch
Marries C&W star Johnny Lee
Divorces C&W star Johnny Lee
Written off Dallas
Marries Domenick Allen, Liberace's opening act
Murder, She Wrote episode
Returns to Dallas


Appears in Breck ads
Appears in Pretty Baby
Blue Lagoon
Endless Love
Celebrates 20th birthday party at Chippendales, a male strip club
Graduates cum laude from Princeton
First guest on The Arsenio Hall Show


Plays Wanda "The Bod" on TV's What Happened to the Class of '65?
Appears as "Stacks" on B.J. and the Bear
Linked with Burt Reynolds
Judy and Audrey appear together in HBO movie Split Decision
Seen lunching with Placido Domingo
Marries Dodger relief pitcher Tom Niedenfuer
Judy & Audrey appear on Golden Globes


Graduates from Barnard College with a 3.9 GPA
Lands role on Dallas
Judy and Audrey appear together in HBO movie Split Decision
Lands role in movie of A Chorus Line
A Chorus Line bombs
Judy & Audrey appear on Golden Globes


Appears on episode of Barnaby Jones
Appears in Taps
Plays Jeff Spicoli in Fast Times at Redgemont High
Marries Madonna
Shanghai Surprise
Goes directly to jail
Splits from Madonna


Marries Charles
Gives birth to William
Gives birth to Harry
Fires 40 staffers
Annoys Charles by sitting on his Aston Martin
Takes U.S. by storm

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