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updated 03/06/1989 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 03/06/1989 AT 01:00 AM EST

SINGING COWBOY Robert Duvall, fresh from playing Gus McCrae on CBS's hit Lonesome Dove, is shopping for a record label. Duvall, right, cut an album of country and folk songs at Memphis's 3-Alarm studio with producer Chips Mo-man, who did two Elvis Presley records. Duvall cut 10 tracks, including "Lorena," a song from 1857 that was performed by William (Newhart) Sanderson in Dove. Moman says, "Duvall's singing voice sounds like, well, Gus McCrae."

The angelic-looking child on Mia Farrow's lap in Oedipus Wrecks, Woody Allen's contribution to the trio of short films (others are by Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola) in New York Stories, is Dylan Farrow, 3. She's the real-life adopted daughter of Woody and Mia. The couple's birth son, Satchel, is 1 year old. For Touchstone's Stories, out this week, Woody also hired N.Y.C. Mayor Ed Koch for union scale ($398 for a day's work, which Koch gave to charity).

Clint Eastwood will travel to Africa this summer to direct himself in the role of a bigger-than-life, macho film director, John Wilson. The character bears a striking resemblance to the late bigger-than-life, macho filmmaker John Huston, and with good reason. The film, White Hunter, Black Heart, is based on Peter Viertel's 1953 novel of the same name, a roman a clef about Huston's making of The African Queen. Viertel, whose wife is Deborah Kerr, was called to location to work on African Queen's screenplay and says Huston's real reason for going to Africa was to hunt elephants. Huston kept changing locations whenever he received reports of fresh elephant sightings. Viertel says the director was so obsessed with elephants that he was completely disorganized and did not have—and never had—a finished script. Eastwood seems to be proceeding in a more orderly fashion. He has met with Viertel and recently sent a location manager to scout possible shooting sites in Kenya and Zimbabwe. Clint will be filming for his Malpaso Productions in association with Ray Stark's Rastar Productions.

Sources say Robert Downey Jr., above, who played Julian in Less than Zero and is currently co-starring with James Woods in the thriller True Believer, recently went to the same treatment center in Arizona that Ringo Starr and his wife, Barbara Bach, checked into last year for their alcohol problems. Downey's publicist and agent are denying the story.

Princess Diana and President George Bush believe in recycling. Di said recently that she passes on her royal rags to her sisters, Jane and Sarah, and to friends. In Washington, D.C., homeless men are wearing Bush's monogrammed polo and button-down shirts—and his boxer shorts. The White House won't confirm that George's stuff was in the bags that wife Barbara donated, prenomination, to the Community for Creative Non-Violence's homeless shelter, but insiders there insist it was. "When you are wearing the President's shirt, it makes you feel good, like he cares," says one shelter resident.

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