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updated 03/20/1989 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 03/20/1989 AT 01:00 AM EST

Courteney Cox Arquette (right), who plays Lauren on NBC's Family Tics, will appear as Jacquie Kimberly in the NBC TV movie based on Roxanne Pulitzer's The Prize Pulitzer. Cox's casting completes the ménage à trois that already includes Chynna Phillips as Roxanne and Perry King as publishing heir Herbert "Peter" Pulitzer. (For those who've forgotten, Roxanne and ex-hubby Peter have made many nasty allegations about each other, including Roxanne's that Peter joined her in three-way sex with Kimberly. Kimberly denied the encounter.) Says Cox: "It will be fun playing a complete bitch, I've been wanting to do something other than Lauren for a while. The 'scene' will be very toned down because it's for TV. I don't think this part is going to make me the screen's next Bad Girl."

This year, two alumni from the bottom of the class of'59 at Southern California's famous Pasadena Playhouse training school find themselves competing for the best-actor Oscar. "I had the all-time lowest score for students from the playhouse," says Gene Hackman (right), who's nominated for Mississippi Burning. "They graded on a variety of categories: physical movement, relationship to the audience and so forth. I don't know if they ever actually asked mc to leave, but I was given so little encouragement that I understood that at least the academic side of acting was not for me." Classmate Dustin Hoffman, nominated for Rain Man, says there was a l-to-5 grading scale. Hackman, he claims, never scored above a 2. Hoffman should know. He and Hackman were voted by their classmates as least likely to succeed.

Forget Robin. Batman has Prince assisting him. After visiting the Warner Bros. Batman set in London, Prince returned to his Minneapolis recording studio to write songs for the movie, which stars Michael Keaton, Jack Nicholson and Kim Basinger. Says WB's Bob Merlis: "We don't know how many songs, but it will be a significant number. Doing Batman will be part of the sound track, not an album of his own."

Hell is being dumped by your boyfriend for Madonna. Stacey Gardner, 19, says that's what happened to her after giving Jason LaFargo, 19, the best 3½ years of her young life. According to the jilted Stacey, Jason met Madonna when he was a production assistant on her controversial Pepsi spot. Stacey, a part-time college student and bank employee, says Jason told her that Madonna autographed a T-shirt for him that read in Italian, I WANT YOUR BODY. CALL ME. Stacey says when she asked Jason if he was seeing Madonna, he told her, "If I was, I couldn't tell you." Stacey says Jason's mom gave her the lowdown that Jason and Madonna were becoming chummy and said photographers had staked out the LaFargo house. "I think Jason is star-struck and Madonna just wanted to go out with a new handsome young guy," says Stacey. LaFargo confirms only that he worked on Madonna's Pepsi spot, that she gave him a T-shirt she wore in her video and that he had dated Stacey. Madonna's spokesperson says Jason is not the singer's boyfriend, adding, "He is just a guy that she is friendly with. She has nothing to say on the subject."

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