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originally published 03/27/1989 AT 01:00 AM EST

It's 2 A.M. and I'm still reading the 15th Anniversary issue (PEOPLE, March 6). I'm halfway through it, and I must say, you guys did one hell of a job. It's the best PEOPLE ever, and I've read almost every one. Keep up the good work.
Jamie Medved
Lower Burrell, Pa.

I just had to write to let you know how much I enjoyed your Anniversary issue. One fact I thought was overlooked, and which I was curious about—which celebrity has graced your cover most often? My guess would be Elizabeth Taylor.
Francis Bruno
Anaheim, Calif.

Right you are. With the March 13 issue, Liz has appeared 11 times.

Shame, shame on you for not including a PEOPLE puzzle in your 15th Anniversary issue. I've been a faithful reader since the beginning, but I still haven't forgiven you for dropping it from your magazine. My mother and I used to work the puzzle together every week, and when I went off to college in 1977 she would lie on my bed, work the puzzle alone, and cry.
Pam Myers-Morgan
Charlottesville, Va.

It was discontinued after the death of its creator, Gerard Mosler, in 1985.

That beautiful, pain-wracked, pitiful face! Please tell us what happened to Yalitza Galeano.
Louise E. Kleinhenz
North Olmsted, Ohio

Yalitza, who suffered bullet wounds in both legs when she was caught in a gun battle, is now walking with the aid of crutches. Efforts are being made to bring her to the U.S. for further treatment.

As a young lady who preferred Barbie over baby dolls as a youngster, I'm proud of how the toy has advanced since the '70s. The current Barbie is fit and flexible enough to pursue any career. Women today seem insecure enough without feminist grouches like Susan Reverby feeling that if a woman does anything smaller than run a corporation or a country, she isn't worth two dimes. If folks want proof that a woman with an impossible figure like Barbie's can be cerebral and successful, how about Samantha Fox, Victoria Principal and Dolly Parton?
Jean O'Boyle
Des Plaines, Ill.

Just when I thought ii was safe to admit I was from Louisiana, David Duke gets elected to the state house of representatives in front of the entire nation. Those of us in northern Louisiana are continually confounded by the politics of our southern state-mates. I wish we levelheaded citizens of northern Louisiana could secede to Texas. In the meantime, anyone got a big broom?
Dee Phillips
Shreveport, La.

As a member of the Republican party, I am embarrassed and ashamed to share my political affiliation with a man such as David Duke. It is very disturbing to me that in 1989 a racist with a record a mile long of horrible actions against his fellow Americans could be elected to public office. Obviously, the voters of Metairie, La., share with Duke the same type of moral convictions—those of a pig.
Suzanne Redman
Norman, Okla.

Despite David Duke's decidedly checkered past, the people of Metairie had every right to make him their representative in their state legislature. As an American, I believe in that right. However, as an American woman who happens to be black, a baptized Catholic and married to a Jewish man, Duke's election makes me afraid for my daughter and my country.
Natalie Davis-Freeberg
New York City

This week's PEOPLE printed a photo of David Duke standing behind a Lions Club International emblem which made it seem that he was appearing at a Lions-sponsored affair. This connection has caused great concern among our 1.3 million members worldwide. Lions Club International is a nonpolitical organization. We do not take stands on political issues or endorse candidates. Mr. Duke is not a Lions member. His supporters simply rented the Lions hall for an event.
Austin P. Jennings
Lions Club International
Oak Brook, Ill.

What a beautiful, courageous, sad story about Dick York. He made people laugh for many years and seems to have his sense of humor even now. Is there anything we can do to help his cause of giving to the poor and homeless?
Betsy K. Wren
Largo, Fla.

Contributions can be sent to: Dick York, c/o Acting for Life, P.O. Box 499, Rockford, Mich. 49341

When Dick York was replaced on Bewitched, I was very upset and wondered why. I was hurt to finally learn the reason and I felt so sorry for him. But thinking about it afterwards, I realized that he has what really counts—a caring, giving spirit and a loving wife. Now I don't feel sorry for him. I envy him.
Nan White

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