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updated 03/27/1989 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 03/27/1989 AT 01:00 AM EST

The latest celebrity hot spot in Los Angeles is UCLA's Drake Stadium at 5 P.M. That's where one of Hollywood's most compulsive bachelors, Rob Lowe, has been seen running laps and approaching coeds with the simple but elegant greeting, "Hi, my name is Rob." After one of these sightings, word spread on sorority row, and even the most sedentary sisters suddenly got right on track. Lowe is still running and raising pulses with "Hi, my name is Rob," but so far no one has been asked out.

Malcolm-Jamal Warner is temporarily leaving his cozy Cosby home to enlist in CBS's Vietnam series, Tour of Duty. He'll appear in the season finale, "The Volunteer," in late April or May, playing a desk clerk who is gunning to get into active combat. Warner, 18, who says he missed the '60s by being born in the '70s, claims it is his favorite time in history. "I wouldn't have gone to Vietnam," he says. "I would have been a radical like my namesake Malcolm X."...And, in other TV news, Ann Jillian starts shooting an NBC series in April. She'll play a Manhattan widow who moves to California with her daughter and works in a cookie shop. Soleil (Punky Brewster) Moon Frye is Ann's first choice to play her daughter, though mom Sondra Frye says, "It hasn't been finalized yet with NBC."

Contracts haven't been signed, but director Oliver (Wall Street) Stone wants choreographer-singer Paula ("Straight Up") Abdul to do the dances for his movie musical Evita, which will star Meryl Streep.

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell rate real low on the popularity scale with the paparazzi these days. That's because Spago restaurant, Hollywood's most famous photographic backdrop for the stars' comings and goings, has become more restrictive toward paparazzi: Police were called last month after several cameramen stormed the eatery's private driveway and threw themselves on the hood of Hawn and Russell's departing car. Spago manager Tom Kaplan says, "The photographers became very belligerent and were using a lot of profanity, so we called the police, but they ran off before the cops arrived." After that, Spago hired a security guard to protect the celebs from the flashers. "The guard doesn't carry a gun. He wears a suit and blends in like a secret service agent," says Kaplan, adding that Spago always lets celebs slip in the photographer-free back door.

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