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Dalliances and infidelities are nothing new to the House of Windsor, even to this day (PEOPLE, April 24). If anything, it is surprising that it has taken 15 years to find evidence of Princess Anne's and Mark Phillips's mutual disloyalty. Yet Anne is luckier than her mother or her sister-in-law Diana. Since they are the present and future queens of England, divorce is a strictly impermissible escape from their dead-end marriages. Anne's relative obscurity may be her saving grace, and may give her the divorce she needs.
Joanna Dreifus
Short Hills, N.J.

It frightens me to see so many educated and respected women support a cause I feel is unconscionable. Do these famous faces realize that there are many impressionable young girls out there who are bound to believe their scary idea that it is okay to be selfish and cruelly interfere with the remarkable process of life? How do I explain to my two preteen daughters that it is against the law in America to attempt to take your own life—but not the life of your unborn child?
Teresa I. Carmany
Anderson, Ind.

I, too, remember the days of clothes-hanger abortions done in back rooms. Although I was married, with children, I remember the monthly fears, the night sweats and heart palpitations at the thought of another child that I felt ill-equipped to cope with. Married or single, women should have the right to make their own decisions as to what should transpire in their bodies.
Marge Hopper
Rockton, Ill.

The antiabortion activists should spend their time raising funds so that their signs could read, If you do not have an abortion, we promise to pay your medical bills and see that your unborn child is placed in a loving home. For myself, I want the government and the antiabortionists out of my bedroom. Only God has the right to judge. The women who have abortions have to deal with that for the rest of their lives. That is quite enough.
Deborah J. Tallant

It was distressing to read about the pro-choice march in Washington, D.C., and realize how little respect you gave to the pro-life movement. Many of us who oppose abortion do not share the rigid, judgmental views of Phyllis Schlafly, yet she was the only antiabortion advocate quoted. Despite what Veronica Hamel thinks, we who oppose abortion are not terrorists. We believe life begins at conception and that the civil rights of the unborn who have no voice must be protected.
Mel Charles
Glendale, Calif.

Women marching in the streets for the right to murder their own children! And this is called progress?
Becki Masters
Fontana, Calif.

I bought your magazine today, and the only article I was able to read was the one about the march to keep abortion legal. I wanted to be there to show my support, and I couldn't because I was having an abortion myself. After having gone through a safe and legal abortion, it frightens me that the procedure may become illegal. Everyone at the clinic cared about my physical and mental well-being. All my questions were answered thoroughly, which made me feel very safe and secure in my decision—not to mention that the people at the clinic were still concerned about me after the procedure. I got emergency numbers in case anything went wrong, and I am meeting with the counselor to deal with my feelings. I know I'm not alone. Let us not return to the days when a woman would fling herself down a flight of stairs or resort to a back-alley butcher because she couldn't go through with an unwanted pregnancy. Yes, someday I will have a baby, but I have to be more financially and mentally ready. Thank God I had that choice.
Kim Stevens
Dunwoody, Ga.

What a sad commentary on America! Many of the people who are fighting to save the lives of mink and chinchilla are fighting for the right to kill unborn children. Women have choices without abortion: abstinence, adoption and birth control.
Meredith Hoops
Lincoln, Nebr.

I would like to correct Ralph Novak's information about the stadium used in the film Major League. The Cleveland stadium was indeed shown in the movie, but only exterior shots. The fan shots and interiors were done at County Stadium in Milwaukee. I know; I sat in the stands on a hot summer night until 3 A.M. shooting one scene. Please give the people in the stands and our lovely stadium the credit that is due.
Pat Mitchell

A humble Ralph Novak replies: "I grew up in Chicago and misspent many hours of my youth traveling to Milwaukee to watch the Braves pummel the Cubs in County Stadium. I should have known better. Score it: E-Reviewer."—ED.

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