Picks and Pans Review: Out on the Edge

updated 05/15/1989 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 05/15/1989 AT 01:00 AM EDT

CBS (Sun., May 14, 9 P.M. ET)


In a kiddie Cuckoo's Nest, Rick (né Ricky) Schroder tries to prove that he can grow a beard (barely) and perform high drama (sort of). Schroder plays a bad—but not too bad—teenager who is committed to a greedy mental hospital by his impatient mom (Mary Kay Place) and left there by his uncaring dad (Richard Jenkins). Like some latter-day Reefer Madness, this show is made by people who think they know how young people think and talk. So poor Schroder is forced to say such things as, "The guy's a Morton, Mom.... I need to take a whiz.... You want me to be a doper?" Even a young Jack Nicholson could not have made these lines sound right. Out on the Edge is nothing more than an irresponsible effort to recycle outmoded, bogeyman clichés about mental institutions into cheap drama.

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