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updated 05/22/1989 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 05/22/1989 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Last month a pack of boys, racing out of control through New York's Central Park, brutally beat and gang-raped a young woman runner. The savagery of the crime surpassed understanding and left the city fearful, enraged and bewildered

Up Front 36-46

Norma McCorvey, the real "Jane Roe," doesn't want the clock turned back on abortion

Years after the killing of Lee Harvey Oswald, Jack Ruby's gun is back in court

Dyan Cannon exorcises demons that have plagued her since she divorced Cary Grant

Mellow metal-meister Jon Bon Jovi marries his high school sweetheart in Vegas

Scene 49
Denise Anderson reveals the closed-door secrets of the jury in the Oliver North trial

Party 53
Gregg Allman, Ted Nugent, David Crosby and Stephen Stills mix it up at a megastar rockabilly reunion

Winners 60
Many have tried, but not many get to first base against ace Softball pitcher Jill Klein

Tube 65
Nine years ago Steven Stayner fled the child molester who held him prisoner; this week his story comes to TV

Collectors 97
Thanks to 8-year-old Holly Driscoll, a Wisconsin school will get a new van

Move 98
R.J.'s daughter Katie Wagner decides it's time to get serious—by getting a job covering Hollywood parties

Critters 105
You won't find them at your 7-Eleven, but Stephen Buchmann's bees are bar-coded

Stage 112
To play Grandma Moses, Cloris Leachman ages 55 years a night

Song 116
After 17 years of persecution, Czechoslovakia's top rock group, now called Pulnoc, gets its show on the road

Screen 121
In Hollywood's dog-eat-dog world, the new canine star is Rando, of K-9

Dreamers 125
Shakespeare scholar Irvin Matus wrote himself out of house, home and the patience of his friends

Bio 133
More than 50 freaky albums later, rock and roll dissident Frank Zappa joins up with the business establishment

Discovery 143
Stephen Appelbaum's Evidence Store in New Jersey is to lawyers what Toys "R" Us is to kids

Arts 149
Robert Colescott's ironic paintings make provocative sport of black stereotypes

Controversy 155
Amid protests by Rev. Donald Wildmon and others, ABC reconsiders its sleaze quotient

Hero 159
Train conductor Anthony Falzo outraces a locomotive to save two children's lives

Wedding 160
When Just the Ten of Us mom Debbie Harmon got married, the vows centered on spinach flecks and parking rights


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